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New and Sale Items

*** New Items from ***

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Ear Coverage with Style

RADIATION SHIELDING EarMuff/Headband (Cat. #A390) …………… $24.95 add anti-radiation headband to cart

Multi-Setting Timer


Adds a Measure of Safety and EMF Reduction

Multi-Setting Timer (Cat. #A308) ......... $18.95 add Multi-Setting Timer to cart



Pets Can Be Sensitive Too!

Protective Pet Tent Bed (Cat. #A938) ..................... $89.95 add neck warmer to cart



Multi-Use RF Shield for Head and Neck

Neck Warmer: (Adult) Cat. #A324-A ..... $39.95 add neck warmer to cart

Neck Warmer: (Child) Cat. #A324-C ..... $38.95 add neck warmer to cart

Shoulder Bag / Clutch


"A Purse with Protection"

Shoulder Bag / Clutch With Shielding:
- WHITE (Cat. #A302-W) ......... $29.95 each add clutch to cart

- PINK (Cat. #A302-P) .............. $29.95 each add purse to cart

- BLACK (Cat. #A302-B) ......... $29.95 each add handbag to cart

Protective Scrub Top


Upper Body Radiation Shielding

Protective Scrub Top:

Size M: (Cat. #A911-M) .......... $153.95 add anti-emf jacket to cart

Size L: (Cat. #A911-L) ......... $163.95 add anti-emf jacket to cart

Size XL: (Cat. #A911-XL) ......... $173.95 add anti-emf jacket to cart

Women’s Shielded Half Slip


When Only You Need to Know

Women's Shielded Half Slip:

Size M: 26-30” waist (Cat. #A910-M) .......... $84.95 add emf face screen to cart

Size L: 31-34” waist (Cat. #A910-L) ......... $94.95 add emf face screen to cart

Size XL: 35-39” waist (Cat. #A910-XL) ......... $99.95 add emf face screen to cart

Pet Jacket

Pet Jacket

Microwave Shielding for the Smallest Family Member

Pet Jacket (Cat. #A353-s) ..................... $39.95 add conductive car earthing strap to cart

Signal Vault

Signal Vault

When You Want Maximum RF Protection

Signal Vault (Cat. #A936) ............... $18.95 add Signal Vault to cart

Speaker Magnet Shield

Speaker Magnet Shield

Reduces Interference with Nearby Objects

Speaker Magnet Shield (Cat. #A932) ............. $9.95 add paper shield to cart

Router Guard Mini

Router Guard Mini

High Performance RF Enclosure

Router Guard Mini (Cat. #A757) ............. $11.50 add router guard wi-fi shield to cart

Drawer Shield

Drawer Shield

Perfect RF Shielded Caddy for Small Items

Drawer Shield (Cat. #A758) ............. $28.50 add router guard wi-fi shield to cart

Protective Neck Flap

Protective Neck Flap

More Coverage = More Shielding

Protective Neck Flap (Cat. #A209) ............. $19.95 add anti-radiation shielded cap to cart

Mirror Style RF Shield

Mirror Style RF Shield

Both a Useful Mirror and Excellent RF Shield

Mirror Style RF Shield (Cat. #A747) …… $129.95 add Decorative Shielding Tiles to cart

Baby Carrier RF Net


Keeps out Radiation and Mosquitos!

Baby Carrier RF Net (Cat. #A326) ................ $99.95 add to cart



The Electronic Sickening of America and How to Protect Yourself

Exposed (Cat. #A644) ............ $16.67 add to cart

Radiation Nation

Radiation Nation

The Fallout of Modern Technology

Radiation Nation (Cat. #A642) ......... $17.95 add to cart

Generation Zapped (DVD)


A Compelling Wake Up Call About the Health Risks of Wireless Radiation

Generation Zapped (DVD) (Cat. #A640) .......... $18.95 add to cart

Schumann Resonance Device


About the Size of a Credit Card

Personal Schumann Device (Cat. #A386) .......... $49.95 add to cart

Painless Static Discharger


Eliminates Painful Shocks When Grounding Your Body

Painless Static Discharger (Cat. #A733) .......... $7.95 add Painless Static Discharger to cart



"Air-Tight, Tear-Resistant, Highly Reflective RF Shielding Fabric"

GoldenShield (Cat. #A1290) ............. $12.95 per lin ft add to cart

Handy Meter!

Handy Meter

"Palm Sized EMF Meter with Big Features "

Handy Meter (Cat. #A145) ............. $159.95 add Microtesla Meter to cart

EMF Off!

EMF Off! book

"A Wireless Wake-Up Call, With A Message For All Of Humanity"

EMF Off! (Cat. #A521) ........... $19.57 add to cart

*** Special Offers and Sale Items ***


Digital Local/Remote Thermometer Measure Local And Remote Temperatures Simultaneously

What a perfect paranormal research tool. Very handy when mounted to a suitable staff (stick, pole, wand) for surveying temperature variations within a room. Put the meter body near the handle end and mount the remote sensor at the tip of the staff (up to 6 feet away!).

Simple-to-use and lightweight digital thermometer will measure the air temperature at 2 locations and displays both readings simultaneously. It’s one thing to find a warm or cold spot. It’s quite another to find a warm or cold spot that is different from the ambient surroundings!

Meter has one internal sensor at the location of the display, and another remote sensor on a 6 foot cable. High resolution. Includes memory for min/max values, alert/set button to enter a preset value for local/remote temperature, temperature readout in °C or °F.


  • temperature range
    • local: -20°C to +50°C (-4°F to +122°F)
    • remote: -50°C to +70°C (-58°F to +158°F)
  • resolution: 0.1°C (0.1°F)
  • refresh rate: 15 seconds
  • digit height: 12mm (0.5"); display size: 30 x 40mm (1.18" x 1.57")
  • unit size: 110 x 70 x 20mm (4.3" x 2.75" x 0.78")
  • power supply: 1 x 1.5 V AAA battery (LR3C) (incl.)
Also great for checking indoor and outdoor temperature at home or office. Can be wall mounted or hand held.

On Sale Now! Was $9.95
Digital In/Out Thermometer (Cat. #P468-sale) ....... $8.95 add to cart
In stock for immediate shipment, quantities are limited

Peak/Hold Gaussmeter


PEAK finds Worst Case Exposure

Nice versatility in a low cost 1-axis meter. Comfortable in the hand and easy to read large digital 3˝ display. Peak feature allows user to let the meter run over extended periods to identify “worst case” fields. Hold feature will hold current readout. Can also be used in normal mode to make real time measurments.

10-200.0 mG0.130 - 400 Hz3% ±3 digits at 50/60 Hz
What is unique about this meter? Peak/Hold function


  • Sampling rate: 2.5 times per second
  • Max Hold and Data Hold
  • Uses standard 9V battery (included)
On Sale Now! Was $99.95
Peak/Hold Gaussmeter SALE (Cat. #A425) ........... $89.95 add to cart
In stock for immediate shipment, quantities are limited

Blowout Sale!



Geiger Counter Detects Gamma Rays

Designed for evaluation of ambient dosage of gamma radiation, which can be done by ordinary people in domestic environment (homes, office, food products, construction materials, soil, etc.). Also, the instrument can be used by industrial personnel, working with ionizing sources of radiation. Moreover, the instrument can detect objects, polluted by beta active radioactive nuclides.

The instrument uses a Geiger counter to detect the amount of gamma radiation within 40 sec. and indicates the values in µSv/h and µRem/h on an LCD screen. Registration of every particle is indicated by a click sound, which makes it possible to quickly determine the location of hot spots.

Incorporates the following features: audio alarm with 3 adjustable thresholds, continuous updating of readout in proportion as duration of measurement increases, display illumination, MENU in English. CE. 3 year factory wty. Radex Model RD1503.

Range (ambient dose equivalent)µSv/h 0.05 ... 9.99
Exposure dose rate scaleµRem/h5 ... 999
Range energy scalesMeV0.1 ... 1.25
Reproducibility of indications (at confidential probability 0.95), where P is dose rate in µSv/h%15+6/P
Levels of sound-alarm thresholdµSv/h0.30, 0.60, 1.20
µRem/h30, 60, 120
Time of calculationsec40 ±0.5*
Time of indication.continuous
Batteries "AAA" type .2
Time of continuous operation, at leasthour550 **
Outside dimensionsmm105x60x26
Weight (without battery)Kg0.09

On Sale Now! Was $179.95
Low Cost Radiation Monitor (Cat. #A783) ............. $99.95 add to cart
In stock for immediate shipment



Converts 3.5mm mono plug into RCA plug.

Input: 3.5 mm mono (1 band) jack
Output: RCA plug
6 feet long

3.5 Mono to RCA Cable (Cat. #A462) .....…. $1.85 add to cart

Replacement Power Cords

Replacement Power Cord

Replaces Worn or Cut Power Cords

Sturdy, black, grounded power cords can be used on lamps, power tools, appliances and more. NEMA 5-15 plug, SVT 18/3 round, 4ft long. You get 3 cords in this offer.

Replacement Power Cords x3 (Cat. #A730-NS) ........... $4.25 add to cart

Inline Rocker Switch

Inline Rocker Switch Inline Rocker Switch

Add to Any Power Cord to Control On/Off

This inline Rocker Switch can be clamped onto any power cord, up to 1/4 inch diameter and allows the user to turn the power on or off without unplugging. Great for lamps, appliances, and power tools up to 3 Amp, 120V. Requires power cord to be cut open. Style/color may vary from image.

Inline Rocker Switch (Cat. #A734) ........... $4.15 add to cart

Close-Outs, Discontinued, & One-of-a-Kind Items:
All Sales Final, Limited Quantities

Lutron EMF-831SD

RF Strength Power Meter
(Lutron Model EMF-831SD)

Measures Radio Field Strength with Data Logging on SD Memory Card

Radio field strength power meter measures CW, GSM, CDMA, TDMA, WiFi, WiMAX Bluetooth, security systems, cordless phones, Zigbee and many more.

  • Wide band, 10 MHz to 8 GHz Frequency range.
    • optimized for 900MHz, 1800MHz, 2.7GHz, and 3.5GHz.
  • Measuring units: uW/m^2, mW/m2, W/m^2, mV/m, V/m, uA/m, mA/m, uW/m^2, mW/m^2, W/m^2 uW/cm^2 mW/cm^2.
  • Non-directional (isotropic) measurement with three-channel (triaxial) measurement probe.
    • 3 axis RF sensor (X, Y and Z axis can be read separately or combined).
  • Backlit graphics dot matrix LCD with 4 function screens, digital and bar-graph display with warning symbol.
  • Real time SD memory card Datalogger, with Built-in Clock and Calendar, real time data recorder, sampling time set from 1 second to 3600 seconds.
  • Beeper will sound for warning if measuring data are over the alert value.
  • Manual datalogger is available.
  • User can down load all the recorded measured values along with their timestamp information (year/month/date/hour/minute/second) to a spreadsheet.
  • SD card capacity: 1 GB to 16 GB.
  • Auto power off (can be disabled).
  • Data hold, record max. and min. reading.
  • Custom LSI microprocessor.
  • RS232/USB PC COMPUTER interface.


  • Frequency range 10 MHz to 8 GHz.
Unit Range Resolution
mV/m, V/m 20 mV/m to 108.0 V/m0.1 mV/m to 0.1 V/m
uA/m, mA/m 53u A/m to 286.4 mA/m 0.1 mA/m
uW/m^2, mW/m^2, w/m^2 1 uW/m^2 to 30.93 W/m^2 0.1 uW/m^2 to 0.01 W/m^2
uW/cm^2, mw/cm^2 0 uW/cm^2 to 3.093 mW/cm^20.001 uW/cm^2 to 0.001 W/cm^2
  • Power: (6) AA 1.5v alkaline batteries or DC 9V adapter.
  • Operating Temperature: 32° F to 122° F (0° to 50° C).
    NOTE most batteries are not rated for below -4° F or above 125° F.
  • Operating Humidity: less than 85% RH non-condensing.
  • Weight: approximately 9.5 ounces (265 grams).
  • Display: 2.05" x 1.5" (52 x 38mm) LCD.
  • Dimensions: 9.1 x 2.8 x 1.8. inches (230 x 70 x 45 mm).

Included Accessories

  • SD Memory Card
  • Data acquisition software with USB cable
  • Soft carrying case
  • USB to 9v DC power cable
  • 110v AC to 9v DC adapter

Lutron Model EMF-831SD (Cat. #EMF-831SD) ……… $295.00 add to cart
Limited Quantities


Automatically Shuts The Electricity At The Fuse Box

On average we spend approximately 1/3 of our life in the bedroom. AUTOMATIC DEMAND SWITCH

The typical bedroom has bedside lamps, clock radios, electric blankets, VCR's, televisions etc... Most bedrooms are surrounded by a curtain of electric and magnetic fields caused by the mere presence of live wiring, even when everything in the bedroom itself is switched off.

What’s more, wiring for downstairs lighting, upstairs receptacles, lighting and fans commonly run through the ceilings, walls and floors of our bedrooms. This wiring constantly radiates electric fields, even when everything is switched off.

If you are using electricity, then you will have these fields in the wiring. But what about all night long when you are not using power? The automatic demand switch shuts the electricity AT THE FUSE BOX when there is no demand. No power to the wires means no electic fields and no magnetic fields. This is a simple yet 100% effective method of eliminating electric fields emitted by this lighting circuit. When you switch on the lights, the demand switch senses this demand for electricity and automatically restores power to this circuit for normal operation. You can even adjust the activation threshold from 0-100 mA so low amperage devices such as luminescent nightlights can still be used.

Note: if you have electronic devices that constantly require electricity to operate, even when switched off (for example: TV, stereo, clock radio), the automatic demand will not shut off the circuit. Maybe you should not have these devices in the bedroom anyway. Certain devices may not turn ON or OFF properly and need some help responding to the Automatic Demand Switch.

Low voltage lighting systems, energy saving bulbs CFL's, energy saving appliances, LED bulbs and some dimmer switches will require a constant load resistor to be installed in order for them to function properly with the demand switch. In these special cases, a constant load resistor can be installed parallel to the load to help the demand switch recognize most of these loads. Typically this is done directly next to the load or switch. It does not work when installed directly on the output lines of the demand switch. One constant load resistor is included with each automatic demand switch. Please consult with your local licensed electrician for assistance.

Naturally, circuits supplying other rooms in the house can be controlled as well. Why have all the power on in the kitchen, family room, or study… even when you don’t need it? What you cannot control with these are 3 phase (240V) circuits like the ones for your electric stove and dryer.

CSA logo - Installation must be done by a licensed electrician according to the electrical code for each State / Province (USA / Canada).
- North American style only.
- Warning stickers for breaker panel and receptacles are supplied and must be installed.

Technical Data
Operating Voltage:120 V AC
Continuous Load:20 Amp, 7500VA max, Single Circuit
Power Consumption:< 0.1 Watts
Size:34 mm x 60 mm x 90 mm
Monitoring Voltage:9 V DC
Sensitivity:0 - 100 mA adjustable
0 mA = permanently “ON“
Turn-On Delay:4 sec
Turn-Off Delay:0.1 sec
In Case of Failure:Switch can be operated manually
Control Lights:Green = monitoring (9 V DC)
Red = load (120 V AC)
Mounting:Separate electrical box beside the breaker panel (not included)
Warranty:5 year manufacturers warranty

Give your body time to grow and repair itself during sleep. Get one for each circuit you want to control.

Automatic Demand Switch [Cat. #A486 (disc't)] ……… $295.00 add to cart
Limited Quantities

BoDefence Mini

BoDefense™ Mini - King/Naturell

"Shields the Head in Bed"

Sometimes RF shielding for just the head and upper body while sleeping is enough. This downsized version of the BoDefence Shelter does just that, and costs quite a bit less! It is free standing and requires no hooks in the walls or ceiling. A sturdy metal frame, which assembles quickly for easy travel, supports the shielding fabric and gives plenty of headroom and air space. Can be used with or without a headboard. Add a floor mat between the mattress and box spring if you need protection from below, or add shielded flat and fitted sheets if you need protection from below plus protection for the legs and feet. Another option is to wear shielded pajamas, such as eSmog Pants.

This one is KING size and made with Naturell fabric which provides washability, plus good shielding (~30-40dB), air flow and light. 48 inches high and wide enough to straddle the mattress and standard frame.

Cat. #
84 inch wide
add to cart
BoDefense Mini BoDefense Mini

Need a custom size? Contact us! We can make them almost any size your need!

Want a different fabric? Contact us! We can make them from almost any of our stock fabrics!

Please note: custom items are made to your specifications. As such, they are not returnable.



Affordable Spectrum Analysis

We couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw what this beauty can do: display frequency spectrum, including carrier and modulated wave, display Spread Spectrum activity if that exists, and show bandwidth to monitor frequency crowding, frequency deviation from expected, etc.

What does that mean? It means you can see what frequencies are present and the strength of each signal. Check cell phones, wi-fi, cordless phones, FM radio, CB radio, and a wide range of other wireless signals. Covers 15-2700MHz (1kHz resolution) with no gaps, and with excellent dynamic range (-115dBm to 0dBm). High capacity Lithium polymer (included) for 16+ hours of continuous run, rechargeable by USB. Peak Max and Hold, Normal, Overwrite and Averaging modes. Can even connect to your PC! (USB cable not included) Lifetime free firmware upgrades. Pocket size and light weight, completely portable, solid aluminum metal case. 2 year wty. Two separate inputs and two antennas supplied:

Antenna Frequency Dynamic Range Absolute Max input
Left Up to 960 MHz -115dBm to 0dBm +5dBm
Right Above 960 MHz -110dBm to -10dBm +30dBm

Very sensitive... Avoid over-ranging near strong transmitters

RF Explorer 3G (Cat. #A197) ........ $359.00 add Maternity Apron to cart
Limited Quantities

Maternity Apron

Maternity Apron

RF Shielding for the Maternity Area

Attractive apron for petite sizes made using stainless steel fibers for good radiofrequency shielding, durability and washability. White lace trim. Open back. Adjustable neck and rear ties allow expansion to full term. Protects baby from cellphone, wifi, and other wireless signals. Available in pink or black.

Maternity Apron Pink ........ $39.95 add Maternity Apron to cart

Maternity Apron Black ........ $39.95 add Maternity Apron to cart

Maternity Apron Maroon ........ $39.95 add Maternity Apron to cart
Limited Quantities

Decorative Shielding Tiles

Decorative Shielding Tiles

RF Shielding with a Mirror Finish

This offer is slightly different from our standard offer.

These tiles are rigid and have dimensions of 15 x 24 cm (6 x 9.5 inch). You get 10 pieces. Still with RF shielding, and still with peel-and stick adhesive.
Decorative Shielding Tiles (Cat. #S&D749-rigid) ........ $39.95 add decorative shielding tiles to cart

Limited Quantities

Men's Zero-EMF Wristwatch

Men's No EMF Wristwatch

Worth the Price on Style Alone!

You could pay hundreds to get the look & features of this high-end watch by Croton. Now you can enjoy the same style for much less! This watch has a classically-designed case layered in genuine 23K gold & a patterned dial accented by six fiery diamonds. Also features a reliable time keeping Citizen Miyota NO EMF automatic movement that never needs winding or batteries. Has a second hand, magnified date window & adjustable link bracelet. Water resistant to 166’. Limited lifetime warranty.

Men's No EMF Wristwatch (Cat. #A782) ......... $89.95 add to cart
Limited Quantities

Scratch & Dent Items
All sales final, only one of each item available, first come first served basis
Item /
Description Link
Regular Price
Discount Price
Cat. #
100-0-100 Pocket Magnetometer
100-0-100 Pocket Magnetometer
dented, totally functional
add to cart
Computer Monitor and TV Screen Shield
Computer Monitor and TV Screen Shield
11-1/4 x 7-1/8 inches, totally functional
add to cart
Computer Monitor and TV Screen Shield
Computer Monitor and TV Screen Shield
11-3/8 x 8-1/3 inches, totally functional
add to cart
Computer Monitor and TV Screen Shield
Computer Monitor and TV Screen Shield
12 x 8.5 inches, totally functional
add to cart
Budget RF Film
Budget RF Film
44 feet long, totally functional
add to cart
Budget RF Film
Budget RF Film
50 feet long, totally functional
add to cart
15" wide Magnetic Shielding Foil:
.004 thickness
Magnetic Shielding Foil
12 pieces, 2-3 inch wide, totaling 2.5 lin ft, dents and dings
add to cart
15" wide Magnetic Shielding Foil:
.004 thickness
Magnetic Shielding Foil
11 pieces, 4 inch wide, totaling 3.7 lin ft, dents and dings
add to cart
15" wide Magnetic Shielding Foil:
.004 thickness
Magnetic Shielding Foil
13 pieces, 5-6 inch wide, totaling 5.9 lin ft, dents and dings
add to cart
15" wide Magnetic Shielding Foil:
.004 thickness
Magnetic Shielding Foil
5 pieces, 6-7 inch wide, totaling 2.7 lin ft, dents and dings
add to cart
Magnetic Shielding
Alloy Samples
Magnetic Shield samples
Variety pack of samples of of our most popular magnetic shielding alloys
at least $25.00
$25.00 coupon included
MSAS add to cart

Fabric Blems: minor defects, stains, odd cuts, end rolls, etc...

Only 1 available for each offer, first come first served
Item /
Description Link
Regular Price
Discount Price
Cat. #
Staticot™ Fabric
Staticot™ Fabric
4 short pieces with blems, 2.6 lin ft total
S&D1232 Staticot
add to cart

ArgenMesh® Fabric
ArgenMesh Fabric
3 short pieces with blems, 2.6 lin ft total
S&D1230 ArgenMesh® Fabric
add to cart

Ex-Static™ Fabric
Ex-Static™ Fabric
4 pieces with blems, 9 lin ft total
S&D1209 Ex-Static
add to cart

Soft&Safe Fabric
2 short pieces with blems, 2.6 lin ft total
S&D1231 Soft&Safe
add to cart

DayLite Fabric
DayLite Fabric
2 short pieces with blems, 1.3 lin ft total
S&D332 DayLite Fabric
add to cart

2 small pieces with blems, 1.5 lin ft total
add to cart

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