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Safe & Simple Electrical Experiments

by Rudolf F. Graf Health Hazards

Here are 101 entertaining experiments for fast and reliable learning of the basic principles of electricity. Categorized into static electricity (38 experiments), magnetism (32), and current electricity and electromagnetism (31) for maximum exposure to the fundamentals. Each experiment beginning with a list of safe and inexpensive materials needed and some introductory remarks, is presented with detailed step-by-step instructions and clear illustrations. The reader learns where to get/make electricity, how to store it, and how to use it in a number of creative ways. Although carefully selected to be safe for children, this book is suitable for young and old students of electromagnetism. 117 paperbound pages. 1964. Click here to see the table of contents for this book.

Safe & Simple Electrical Experiments (Cat. #A593) ............... $11.95 add to cart

"Spectacular Science Projects:"
Mind-Boggling Experiments You Can Turn Into Science Fair Projects
by Janice VanCleave


Electricity Includes 20 simple and fun experiments that allow you to learn about electric charges with a simple experiment using modeling clay and a plastic straw; about voltage using a bowl, paper towels, and a raw egg; about conductors with some clothespins, aluminum foil, and a flashlight bulb; plus dozens of additional suggestions for developing your own science fair projects. All experiments are safe, use inexpensive household materials, and involve a minimum of preparation and clean up. Clearly written. 1994.

Electricity (Cat. #A626) ..................... $14.95 add to cart



  • How does a compass work"
  • What is a magnetic field"
  • How can you make a magnet with electricity"

Janice VanCleave's other book includes 20 great experiments that allow you to answer these questions, plus many more ideas for developing further science fair projects. Learn about magnetic poles; about magnetic force fields; even magnetic shielding! Author is a former science teacher and science lecturer. 1993.

Magnets (Cat. #A627) ..................... $12.95 add to cart

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