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No Cellphones Decal


No Cellphones Decal "Clearly Gets the Idea Across"

Want to let people know that cellphones cannot be used in certain areas without an embarrassing confrontation" These decals are suitable for putting up in schools, restaurants, theaters, stores, taxicabs, busses, trains, hospitals, offices, homes or any other place that's appropriate for a cellphone-free zone. High quality decals measure 3½" by 3½". Nice strong adhesive, simply peel and stick.

No Cellphones Decal (Cat. #A609) .......... $4.00 add to cart


Phone Prohibited Sign

This book once and for all puts to rest the controversy about cell phones and their associated dangers and helps the reader understand why there are so many contradicting reports and why we aren't being informed of the cold, hard facts.

The adverse impacts that cell phone radiation has on the human body, and how it interferes with the normal, healthy functioning of each and every one of our major systems: the neurological system, the cardiovascular system, the reproductive system, the respiratory system and others are all examined in great detail.

And for those of us who not going to give up your cell phone, Cell Phones and The Dark Deception provides a number of easy ways in which to reduce exposure and risk of harm.

Very readable, and powerful. 2009. Softcover.

Cell Phones and the Dark Deception (Cat. #A605) ...... $14.95 add to cart


Full Signal DVD By Talal Jabari

This is the DVD you want if you need to explain or convince someone about the dangers of all the microwave radiation in our world. Full Signal is about the proliferation of cellular technology across the globe. It has spread unabated like wildfire. More than half the world's population owns a phone. And nearly everybody lives within the range of a cell tower. Yet nobody truly knows to what extent this technology has an impact on the human population.

Full Signal talks to scientists around the world who are researching the health effects related to cellular technology; to activists who are fighting to regulate the placement of antennas; and to lawyers and law makers who represent the people wanting those antennas regulated. No punches are pulled as the experts state in no uncertain terms that the danger is real.

Filmed in Ten countries and Six US states, Full Signal examines the contradiction between health and finance, one of the many ironies of the fight to regulate antenna placement. 2009

Full Signal (DVD) (Cat. #A685) ........................... $19.99 add to cart

Full Signal DVD


By Sabine El Gemayel

A Compelling Wake Up Call About the Health Risks of Wireless Radiation

In less than a generation, cell phones and the Internet have revolutionized virtually every aspect of our lives, transforming how we work, socialize and communicate. But what are the health consequences of this invisible convenience" Generation Zapped investigates the dangers of daily exposure to wireless technologies - including the devastating effects on our health from infertility to cancer - and suggests ways to reduce overexposure. 2018, 74 minutes.

Generation Zapped (DVD) (Cat. #A640) .......... $18.95 add to cart



By Martin Blank PhD

Overpowered brings readers, in accessible and fascinating prose, through the science, indicating biological effects resulting from low, non-thermal levels of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation (levels considered safe by regulatory agencies), coming not only from cell phones, but many other devices we use in our homes and offices every day.

It is generally accepted that there should be a limit on exposure of the public to EMF. However, industry pushes the envelope. Dr. Blank advises applying the precautionary principle when it comes to demonstrably hazardous EMF--and teaches us how we can take steps in our daily lives to reduce exposures. In this incredibly timely book, he arms us with the information we need to keep ourselves and our families safe. Paperback 256 pages, 2014.

Overpowered (Cat. #A614) ............ $23.95 add to cart

Public Health SOS

Public Health SOS:
The Shadow Side of the Wireless Revolution

Electromagnetic effects on health (including electrical sensitivity and links to illnesses of many kinds) are an emerging global public health issue. Read this primer on EMF and health to learn what the independent science shows, what you can do to create electromagnetic safety and how you can help get Congress to pay attention to this important issue affecting humans, animals and nature. This book resulted from 110 Questions asked of the audience at The Commonwealth Club of California in 2008, the nations leading public affairs forum. 120 pages 2009.

Public Health SOS (Cat. #A681) ... $19.95 add to cart

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