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Low EMF Appliances

Wired Baby Monitor on Shelf Wired Baby Monitor


Hard Wired Setup, Already Hooked Together!

Baby Monitors emit an unbelievable amount of RF into our living spaces. Now, you can keep an eye on your child without any RF emissions! These hard wired baby monitors don't seem to be available anymore, but we have one put together for you. This Baby Monitor includes the camera, microphone, power adapter, connectors, mounting brackets, monitor screen, and 50 ft of cord. Not only that, everything is already connected for you! Just mount the camera where you want it, plug in the power adapter, and carry the screen anywhere up to 50 feet away! Evenjust turning on the screen, you will find that it is already set up to get the camera feed.

Wired Baby Monitor (Cat. #A60900 ) ........... $299.95 add Baby Shield to cart

Baby Monitor Shield How to Shield Baby Monitor


Simple & Effective Way to Reduce Microwave Radiation When You Must Use a Baby Monitor

As parents ourselves, we were shocked to see the amount of RF radiation given off by wireless baby monitors. It is as strong as the worst cellphone, and transmits for the entire time it's on.

Of course you need to keep an eye on your baby, but what about the harmful RF radiation sprayed by baby monitors" The Baby Monitor Shield reduces up to 90% RF from your baby monitor, helping both you and your child lower your exposure while you sleep, without disrupting the signal between the camera and the monitor. The Baby Monitor Shield is extremely lightweight and flexible, yet still durable, and takes only seconds to install. You get two shields (one for the camera and one for the monitor), each measuring 5"x7", which can be trimmed with scissors if necessary to ensure a perfect fit. It fits most standard baby monitors. Makes a great baby gift!

Baby Monitor Shield (Cat. #A750 ) ........... $19.95 add Baby Shield to cart


EMF shielded switch plate Reduce Emissions at the Source

Outlets and switches can emit strong electric and magnetic fields. Conventional shielding with mumetal is possible, but tricky because it's hard to make it look good, plus you need access to be able to use the switch/outlet. Now you can simply replace your Switch Plate or Outlet Cover with these custom shielded ones. Magnetic field reduction is 30 to 60% up close to the surface, depending on wire configuration. For severe cases, you can stack a double layer to achieve even better reduction. Electric field reduction is typically 75%. Attractive polished chrome finish with a nice perimeter detail. Solid metal (shielding alloy) and durable. Includes mounting screw(s). Two sizes: oversize (3½x5½") and super jumbo (5½x7½") for maximum protection. Make sure you have enough room between outlet and nearby moldings for these larger than standard covers. Very economical!

EMF shielded outlet cover

Shielded Switch Plate:

Oversize (Cat. #A720) ................................ $9.95 each add electromagnetic field Shielded Switch Plate to cart
   Oversize, 10 pack (Cat. #A720-10) ............... $80.00 add magnetically Shielded Switch Plate to cart

Super Jumbo (Cat. #A721) ........................ $29.95 each add EMF Shielded Switch Plate to cart
   Super Jumbo, 10 pack (Cat. #A721-10) ........ $250.00 add EMF Shielding Switch Plate to cart

Shielded Outlet Cover:

Oversize (Cat. #A722) ................................ $9.95 each add electromagnetic field Shielded Outlet Cover to cart
   Oversize, 10 pack (Cat. #A722-10) ................ $80.00 add Magnetic Shielding Outlet Cover to cart

Oversize Double Duplex shielded outlet cover Oversize Double Duplex (Cat. #A724) .................
         ...................................... $11.95 each
add EMF Shielded Outlet Cover to cart


Shut Off Any Circuits in the House with the Touch of a Button

Remote Circuit Shut-Off Switch

On average we spend approximately 1/3 of our life in the bedroom. The typical bedroom has bedside lamps, clock radios, electric blankets, VCR's, televisions etc... Most bedrooms are surrounded by a curtain of electric and magnetic fields caused by the mere presence of live wiring, even when everything in the bedroom itself is switched off.

What's more, wiring for downstairs lighting, upstairs receptacles, lighting and fans commonly run through the ceilings, walls and floors of our bedrooms. This wiring constantly radiates electric fields, even when everything is switched off. If you have electricity, then you will have these fields in the wiring. But why expose yourself all night long when you are not even using power" This Remote Circuit Cut-Off Switch shuts the electricity AT THE FUSE BOX. No power to the wires means no electric fields and no magnetic fields. This is a simple yet 100% effective method of eliminating electric fields emitted from any circuits you want. The simple push of a button on the included remote restores power to this circuit for normal operation. Naturally, circuits supplying other rooms in the house can be controlled as well. Why have all the power on in the kitchen, family room, or study... even when you don't need it" You can connect up to 4 separate circuits up to this unit, and all will go on and off with the press of one button. So much easier than running to the breaker box! In addition, you can add up to 3 additional Contactors (with up to 4 circuits each), each of which can be controlled independently. So, whether you want to control power to one room, or the whole floor, or any combination of circuits, the choice is yours! The main unit installs near your circuit breaker box. Two remote controls are supplied which can be used anywhere in the house.

What you cannot control with these are 2 phase (240V) circuits like the ones for your electric stove and dryer.

- Installation must be done by a licensed electrician according to the electrical code for each State / Province (USA / Canada).
- North American style only.
- Warning stickers for breaker panel and receptacles are supplied and must be installed.

Remote Circuit Shut-Off Switch

Technical Data
Operating Voltage:120V AC
Continuous Load:24 Amp, x4 Single Circuits
Mounting:Separate electrical box beside the breaker panel (not included)
Warranty:2 year manufacturer's warranty

Give your body time to grow and repair itself during sleep.

Complete set:
Remote Circuit Shut-Off Switch (Cat. #A487) ........... $339.00 add Outlet Shut Off Switch to cart

Remote Circuit Shut-Off Switch Extra Contactor, allows control of 4 more circuits:
Extra 4 Circuit Contactor (Cat. #A488) ........... $140.00 add Outlet Shut Off Switch to cart
Use up to 3 of these in your system.

Multi-Setting Timer


Adds a Measure of Safety and EMF Reduction

Many items that plug-in are not totally off when you turn them off. Chargers come to mind, as do TVs, stereos, coffee-makers and so on. These items all use electricity (and waste money) and produce EMFs... even when off! Imagine if you could control when you want them on and for how long, with the simple touch of a button.

Multi-Setting Timer The Multi-Setting Time is so simple to use... Just plug it into the wall outlet then plug the desired appliance into the timer. Press the big button to set it for 1 hour, 2, 4, or 8 hours of operation. The timer immediately turns power on to the appliance and begins counting down.

But that's not all it is good for. What's running right now that does not need to be on? In the kitchen? Basement? Garage? Workshop? What if you want to use an item for a while and have it shut off automatically. Maybe you want to prevent an accidental burn or fire. Or you just like to save electricity. Think of electric blankets, humidifiers, holiday lights, hair curlers, table lamps or just about anything that is plugged in. Now consider this: what if you want to limit your kids use of wifi, video game or TV" Just let them know they have X hours until the device shuts off and walk away! So many uses. Handles 2-prong or 3-prong plugs, 125V, 60 Hz up to 15A. UL listed. Indoor use only.

Multi-Setting Timer (Cat. #A308) ......... $12.95 add Multi-Setting Timer to cart


Plug-In Switch Tap, Turns Any Outlet Into a Switched Outlet

Outlet Shut-Off Switch

Handy device for turn off the power at the outlet. Stop running to the basement to flip the breakers! It's easy: simply plug this switch into your outlet. Plug your lights, laptop, TV, or other appliance into the switch. Now, when you flip the switch, your appliance is truly OFF. No residual electric or magnetic fields, and no phantom power usage. Great for taming those pesky AC to DC voltage transformers (wall warts) too.

  • Plug-In Switch provides ON/OFF switching at outlet location
  • 3 wire
  • Residential use
  • 15 Amp, 125 Volt

Outlet Shut-Off Switch (Cat. #A311) .............. $4.95 add Outlet Shut Off Switch to cart

POWER STRIP WITH SWITCH - Option for 4 or 6 outlets

Easy Way to Switch Off Power Completely

It's no secret that every appliance with an illuminated LED (stereo, TV, oven, dishwasher, router, etc.) is never really OFF. If the 24/7 draw of "vampire power" adding to your utility bill isn't enough of a bother, those appliances are also producing (sometimes very high levels of) EMF emissions. You can pull the plug to solve this problem, but that isn't always easy, and it puts a lot of wear and tear on both the plug and outlet. This power strip converts a standard grounded outlet receptacle into either 4 or 6 grounded outlets and features a lighted on/off switch with built-in circuit breaker to protect against overloads. Flip the switch and the power to all those things which are plugged in goes completely dead. No EMF, period. Add a timer if you want it to come on and off automatically. It's also a great way to make room for Stetzer Filters. Saves money on power usage too! 4-Outlet Power Strip with Switch for stetzer filter

  • Electrical Rating: 15A / 125V / 1875W
  • UL/CSA Certified
  • 4 or 6 Outlets
    Oriented cross-wise or length-wise respectively
  • 3 foot cord
  • North American plug style only

4-Outlet Power Strip with Switch (Cat. #A314-4) .............. $6.99 add Outlet Power Strip for stetzer filter to cart

6-Outlet Power Strip with Switch (Cat. #A314-6) .............. $8.99 add Outlet Power Strip for stetzer filter to cart

6-Outlet Power Strip with Switch for stetzer filter


Stereo Air Tube Headset

Extra/Replacement Headset:

Already have a phone with a headset jack" You can order just the special headset. Need a replacement headset" Here it is:
Air Tube Headset, 2.5 mm, 3 band plug
Mono - one ear bud (Cat. #A280) ........... $21.95 add blue tube headset to cart

Ultra Low EMF 2 line phone

Ultra Low EMF 2-Line Telephone

For Work or Home 2-line, corded speakerphone allows you to easily keep connected in a socialy distanced world.
This silver and black phone is loaded with options. Caller ID / Call Waiting, Dial Display, 99 Station Name / Number Caller ID Memory, 3-Way Conferencing Distinctive Riging Tones.
The special Less EMF Air Tube Headset gets you all the benefits of a normal telephone without putting yourself close to the strong magnetic fields associated with the handset, speakerphone, or phone base. The special headset cord is about 3 feet long and uses a plastic tube to carry the sound to your ear. Absolutely no electronics, wires or magnets are near your ear. Cord provides distance from telephone base and traditional handset, convenient mobility. Tested and approved by Less EMF, dramatic field reduction when the headset is used. Includes Caller ID and speaker-phone.

Ultra Low EMF 2-Line Telephone (Cat. #A60825) ....................... $125.95 add Low EMF 2-Line Answering Machine Phone to cart

Ultra Low EMF 2 line phone with answering machine

Ultra Low EMF 2-Line Telephone with Answering Machine

You asked for it and we finally found a phone that has it all!
Same as above but with built in Answering Machine.

Ultra Low EMF 2-Line Telephone with Answering Machine (Cat. #A60835) ..... $150.95 add Low EMF 2-Line Answering Machine Phone to cart


"Unique Deep V-groove Bristles For Maximum Performance" Best anti-radiation Non-Electric Toothbrush Zero EMF Non-Electric Toothbrush

Ask your dentist: the oral bacteria which cause dental problems concentrate where the tooth meets the gumline. If you can't position the toothbrush bristles on your teeth at the gumline, then the bacteria build up despite your efforts, and plaque, gingivitis and other periodontal diseases occur. The simple Deep V-Groove design of this brush's bristles allows anyone to correctly position the bristles at a 45° angle, automatically assuring the most effective means of plaque control! 0.008" Soft DuPont Tynex® Nylon monofilament bristles, 5 Row 53 tuft, end-rounded polished bristles. We think you'll agree: this is the easiest, most-effective toothbrush we've seen. Get rid of that electric toothbrush!

Best Non-Electric Toothbrush - Red color (Cat. #A717-orange) ................ $2.95 add non-electric toothbrush to cart

Best Non-Electric Toothbrush - Purple color (Cat. #A717-purple) ................ $2.95 add non-electric toothbrush to cart

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