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Caution: Electromagnetic sign Caution: RF Radiation sign


Makes A Bold Statement

Whether you have a hazardous environment at work, or you want to emphasize the dangers of EMF exposure at home or school, you can post these colorful signs in an obvious place to alert everyone about your concerns. Both are made of plastic for indoor or outdoor use.
Caution: Electromagnetic is 5x7 inches, Caution: RF Radiation is 7x10 inches.

Caution: Electromagnetic sign (Cat. #A602) ........... $9.95 add to cart

Caution: RF Radiation sign (Cat. #A603) ............... $12.95 add to cart

Ultra Low EMF Telephone

A Great Solution for Your Home/Office Phone!
Exclusively from The EMF Safety SuperStore!

Ultra Low EMF Telephone

A full featured desktop or wall mount corded telephone (no microwaves) combined with a special ultra low EMF headset. You get all the benefits of a normal telephone without putting yourself close to the strong magnetic fields associated with the handset, speakerphone, or phone base. The special headset cord is about 3 feet long and uses a plastic tube to carry the sound to your ear. Absolutely no electronics, wires or magnets are near your ear. Cord provides distance from telephone base and traditional handset, convenient mobility, and can be extended up to 15 feet with option extension cord, sold separately (see below). Tested and approved by Less EMF, dramatic field reduction when the headset is used. Although pictured as white, our current stock is a black phone.

No special wiring or installation is required. Phone includes volume control, speed dial, redial, speakerphone and hold features. Now with caller ID feature as well! Does NOT have answering machine. Phone can also be used in normal fashion by those not affected by EMF. Color is black, phone color and styles may vary. The phone itself does not have any special shielding nor EMF reduction technology. The whole benefit is that it has the jack for the special air tube headset.

Ultra Low EMF Telephone (Cat. #A725) ...... $99.95 add to cart


Stereo Air Tube Headset

Extra / Replacement Headset:

Already have a phone with a headset jack" You can order just the special headset. Need a replacement headset" Here it is:
Air Tube Headset, 2.5 mm, 2 band plug (black)
Mono - one ear bud (Cat. #A280) ........... $21.95 add to cart


Breakthrough in Low EMF Wiring!!
Exclusively from The EMF Safety SuperStore!

At last, we are proud to offer wiring which actually reduces EMF emissions to extremely low levels. Patented design incorporates both of these EMF emission suppression features: special internal wire configuration to maximize cancellation of magnetic field emissions: 2 hot, 2 neutral, and one ground wire and shielded wrapping to completely eliminate electric field emissions!

The result is a high quality wire with the lowest possible EMF emissions (over 90% reduction compared to standard wire). Replacing existing wire with MµCord is likely to be much less costly, more effective, and probably more convenient than shielding.

See How MµCord compares to standard ROMEX® carrying 30 Amps at 120V:

Standard ROMEX® Wire
Field (V/m)
Field (mG)
Field (V/m)
Field (mG)
534695.807.68 (92% reduction)
1030024.000.96 (96% reduction)
202406.000.12 (98% reduction)
401551.500.014 (99+% reduction)
8074.3700.0019 (99+% reduction)
10065.2400.00096 (99+% reduction)
20044.0600.00012 (99+% reduction)

Includes ground wire. Note: MµCord will not compensate for unbalanced current. Make sure you correct wiring errors when you re-wire with MµCord. Not UL listed for in-the-wall wiring applications.

MµCord™ flexible "appliance cord style" for re-wiring lights and appliances, making extension cords, etc. 20AWG tinned-copper stranded wire. Rated for 8 Amps, 300 Volts. ¼ inch outer diameter. Black. Specify length in feet

MµCord (Cat. #A223) ........ $1.75 per foot add to cart

Make Your Own Shielded
Extension Cord or Appliance Cord

Plug Socket MµCord™ can be used to make extension cords and appliance cords. Simply cut wire to desired length and add a plug to one end, or plug one end and socket on the other. Easy to do with a screwdriver, instructions included. Rated for 15A - 125V These plugs are suitable for North America. Plugs and sockets for other countries can be used, but you must obtain them locally. Color/style may vary.

NEMA 5-15P: 3 prong grounded plug (Cat#A224P) ... $5.95 add to cart
NEMA 5-15R: 3 prong grounded socket (Cat#A224R) ... $5.95 add to cart




Need more room for your high frequency filters or ground cords" This sturdy adapter converts one outlet into three. Uses standard North American 3-prong outlet. Handles up to 15A safely. Color/style may vary.

3 Outlet Socket Adapter (Cat. #A804) .............. $4.95 add to cart

What our customers are telling us:

Feedback "Just a quick note to tell you thank you for your patience with me. As an EMF Sensitive, I have very few peple to turn to for real assistance. You have always been trustworthy, reliable and patient in answering my questions and, more importantly, have gone above and beyond duty by informing me about aspects of emf imperative to a sensitive which I had not thought to ask about.

Please know that your work with EMF Sensitives such as myself is so greatly appreciated and that it is an actual comfort to know that we can turn to you at LessEMF for help in a world where, for now, there is little help for people like us who gradually feel the inevitable squeeze of becoming more-and-more isolated."

C.M.; Hudson, WI

Graham Stetzer Filter

High-Frequency ElectroMagnetic
Pollution Remover

Stetzerizer Filters Remove RF Pollution from Household Wiring

Do you suffer from symptoms of electrical sensitivity such as headaches, tiredness, poor short term memory, fatigue, depression, nausea, rashes, irritability, or even chronic fatigue syndrome" High-frequency EMF pollution that is carried in wiring has been shown to be the source of electrical sensitivity symptoms for some people. This high-frequency EMF pollution is produced by common household items such as electric motors (found in hair-dryers, blenders, can openers, etc), loose wires, fluorescent lights, transformers, and especially dimmer switches.

The High-Frequency EM Pollution Reducer (HF EMPOR) designed by Dr. Martin Graham, Professor Emeritus at the Electronics Research Laboratory of the University of California, Berkeley, consists of 20 EMF high frequency suppressors which are simply plugged into ordinary electric outlets, distributed throughout the home or office. These suppressors will measurably reduce the high frequency EMF pollution in your environment. A number of people have reported immediate relief from electrical sensitivity symptoms with the use of the HF EMPOR.

High-Frequency EMF Noise Suppression Kit

The suppressors do not use electricity (but they could reduce your utility bill), nor will they interfere with any computers, TV's or other appliances. Installation is simple and enables you to avoid expensive electrician service calls. The suppressors are portable, so you can move them from one site to another. This is NOT a bio-energetic device. Special electronic circuitry simply drains the high-frequency pollution out of the wiring system.

This kit will effectively filter an average size home or office. If you have a large home or office, or a large number of EMF high-frequency pollution producers, you may need additional EMF high-frequency noise suppressors. 60 Hz, 120V North-American plug style only.

Stetzerizer Single Filter (Cat. #A802-1) .......................... $45.00 each add to cart

Save with Multi-Paks:
High-Frequency EMF Noise Suppression Kit Set of 5 Filters (Cat. #A802-5) $215 add to cart
High-Frequency EMF Noise Suppression Kit Set of 20 Filters (Cat. #A802-20) $855 add to cart
High-Frequency EMF Noise Suppression Kit Set of 3 Filters with Meter (Cat. #A802-3M) $270.75 add to cart

Satisfield Customer
What our customers tell us:

"THANK YOU...THANK YOU...THANK YOU!!! I've been extremely suffering ES for fifteen years, and now I am only slightly suffering! I did not know that High Frequency was the biggest problem for me.Now I do. On the HF EM testing device I bought from you, the home I am living in measured in the thousands -- the highest being over 1700. Now, with the reducers in place, it is testing just below 30. Today I purchased four more reducers in the hope of eliminating it altogether. I feel so happy, I could KISS you!"

J.D.; Denver CO




Need more room for your high frequency filters or ground cords" This sturdy adapter converts one outlet into three. Uses standard North American 3-prong outlet. Handles up to 15A safely. Color/style may vary.

3 Outlet Socket Adapter (Cat. #A804) .............. $4.95 add to cart

Dirty Electricity Meter for Wiring

Stetzer Microsurge Meter


Don't just take our word for it. You can now check for this pollution yourself! A special meter has been developed which can be plugged into an electrical outlet to determine the levels of EMF high-frequency pollution in your home or office both before and after using the HF EMPOR. Extremely easy to use and reliable.

This meter is designed to measure only the high frequency noise which may exist in your electrical wiring. It contains special filters which remove the normal 50/60 Hz signal for the readout.

The meter is very easy to use. Simply plug the meter into an electric outlet. The meter works equally well on standard outlets (2 prong, or 3-prong), and GFI outlets. It can also be used with surge suppressors, power strips or extension cords.

The readout of the meter gives an indication of how much high frequency noise is in the wiring at the outlet where the meter is located. The higher the readout, the more high frequency pollution. The readout is not calibrated, but is very useful for making relative (comparison) measurements.

Ideally, the readout should be as low as possible. It is generally agreed that readings should be below 50. Notice that unplugging appliances may affect the reading.

When using the meter in conjunction with the Graham-Stetzer Filters, plug the meter into the outlet first. Then add Graham-Stetzer Filters to the same outlet and nearby outlets and watch the reading decrease.

The use of a power strip to increase the number of available outlets is useful when you need multiple Graham-Stetzer Filters to reduce the reading to the desired level.

The meter is re-usable. Can be used on 50/60 Hz, 110-230 V systems. Covers 10 kHz to 100 kHz. Has standard 2 prong North Amercian plug, so you will need an adapter to use it outside of N. America. Click here for full instructions.

YouTube video demonstrating this product:

Dirty Electricity (Stetzer) Meter for Wiring: With North American Plug (Cat. #A803) ................... $99.95 add to cart

What our customers tell us:

"This package came August 15th, way before it was due to arrive. It was wrapped in a box and the monitor was in a box. I was thrilled that it arrived so early. I have already used it around the house. There is a booklet that came with it explaining where you can buy other meters to measure electricity. There also was a sheet of paper explaining about the Microsurge meter. So far very happy with the buying and mailing experience."

S.R, Ypsilanti MI


See and Hear the Dirty Electricity in Your Wiring Stetzer

Dirty electricity is a mixture of high frequency signals that travel on the wiring of your building. Studies have shown that it can affect our biology in negative ways.

This meter measures the dirty electricity and gives both a number (in mV) and sound which tells a lot about the strength and frequency of the dirty signal. Very easy to use, just plug it into your outlet. Requires no batteries.

The sound output is demodulated, so you will know if you are picking up an AM radio station, and with some practice you can distinguish various sources of dirty electricity (such as dimmer switches or AC adapters) by the unique sound they make.

Comes with N American plug, but can be used anywhere in the world (on single-phase circuits) with simple outlet adapters. Make sure you select the proper voltage version. Covers 10 KHz - 10 MHz.

Bonus: display shows both the level of dirty electricity and the normal line voltage, so you can see if your normal voltage is high, low, normal or fluctuating.

Operating Voltage:85-250 VAC 50/60 Hz
Voltage Accuracy:+/- 1 VAC
Dirty Electricity Range:1-1999 mVAC (differential)
Dirty Electricity Accuracy:+/- 5% @ 1MHZ; +5% to -50% @ 10 KHz TO 10MHz
Size:5.2 x 3.6 x 1.6 inches; 132 x 91 x 41 mm
Weight:8 oz

Line Noise Meter: 110/220V version (Cat. #A148-110) ........... $159.95 add to cart

Plug Adapters for International Use
(Can be used with the Stetzer Meter or Line Noise Meter, NOT with filters!)

(Note, you may also need a 240V / 120V transformer)

2-Prong Adapter for Asia or Europe 2-Prong Plug Adapter for Asia or Europe
Converts 2-prong US plug into 2-prong European/Asian plug. Does not convert voltage.
(Cat. #A174-2EU) ... $2.00 add to cart

2-Prong Plug Adapter for Australia 2-Prong Plug Adapter for Australia
Converts 2-prong US plug into 2-prong Australian plug. Does not convert voltage.
(Cat. #A174-AU) ... $2.00 add to cart

High Frequency EM Pollution Reduces in the news:

School Solves Staff Health Problems With Electrical Filters

February 28, 2003

Melrose Chronicle

MELROSE, Wis. -- Electrical "pollution" at the Melrose-Mindoro Elementary School at Mindoro has been making staff members ill, according to District Administrator Ron Perry. Several teachers and other staff members have complained of headaches, fatigue, facial flushing, numbness, sensitivity to lights and sound, tingling and loss of taste and smell. But since a contractor has installed electrical filters, the staffs' symptoms have gone away. "I was somewhat skeptical at first, but now I'm convinced because of what the people have said to me," Perry said. The problem has been with RF (radio frequency) electromagnetic fields, which is out of balance and sends microwaves into the rooms, through walls, ceilings and humans. Perry explained the circumstances at the Feb. 24 Melrose-Mindoro District Board of Education meeting.

Stetzer Electric of Blair had been updating some electrical wiring when they measured the RF waves in the Mindoro school with a "Fluke" meter. The meter showed that there was considerable amounts of electromagnetic wave energy in each of the rooms, especially in the computer lab, Perry said. Workers claimed the neutral wires were too small, therefore electricity came back into the buildings to be grounded. By placing electrical filters in every room, the RF waves instantly smoothed out, he said. The same has been done at Mel-Min High School and the elementary school in Melrose, although those places weren't as bad. "It takes out the 'trash' in the wires," Perry said. "Within a few days, people said they were feeling better. One person even said she could smell again."

So many buildings were constructed when electricity wasn't such a vital component in education. But since that time, computers, televisions, VCRs and numerous other electronics in schools has resulted in increased electricity usage, he said. By adding filters, the electromagnetic fields have been placed back into a harmonic balance. "We've done a lot of good - unexpectedly," Perry said. "The good news is that we've cleaned up all our schools in the district. Probably, every school in Wisconsin should be checked." The staff knew that something was being done when the electrical contractors were at the school, but they were not sure exactly what was being done and what the results would be, he said. A few days later, staff members commented to Perry that they were feeling much better and they could feel the difference. "The results from the staff have been amazing," Perry said. Since those repairs, the word has spread and Perry has received many calls from school personnel in other parts of the state, as well as private individuals.

Body Voltage Meter


Measure the Voltage Effects of EMF on Your Body!

An external field will induce an electric field within our bodies. In this sense, our bodies act as antennas picking up fields from electric blankets, alarm clocks, powerlines, and just about everything connected to a source of electric power.

Delicate biological cellular processes (like brain function and heart muscle contraction) operate on the scale of microVolts to milliVolts. Body Voltage can exceed several Volts in some cases.

The Body Voltage Meter quickly and easily reports this induced AC body voltage. Simply hold the sensor handle. Notice how your body voltage varies as you move about the room, as you change position (standing vs lying down, for example) and it also depends on what you are wearing.

The Body Voltage Meter is a great way to test the effectiveness of your static discharge (ESD) devices and can be used to measure the AC voltage build up on static producing surfaces. Large digital readout is easy to see and sensitive down to 1 mV. Will help you detect irritating voltage sources which may not otherwise be obvious. Comes complete. Uses 1 9V battery (not included). Calibrated for 40-500 Hz.

Body Voltage Meter (Cat. #A183N)....................$89.95 add to cart

Body Voltage Meter

Body Voltage Meter, now available with Ground Stake

Use True Earth as Your Reference

If you prefer to ground to soil, this version of our popular Body Voltage meter comes with a 4 foot copper-plated steel rod and 50 feet of cord so you can ground directly to Earth for confident readings. This is especially important when:
1- You don't have a convenient electrical ground to work with
2- You are working outdoors
3- You have voltage or dirty electricity on your ground lines
4- You don't trust the ground in your building

Simply push the ground rod into the soil and run the ground cord to the location where you want to perform your body voltage measurements.

Body Voltage Meter with Ground Stake (Cat. #A183-stake)....................$129.90 add to cart

Need more cable" 50' Banana Extension
This handy 50 ft extension cable has banana male on one end, female on the other. You can daisy chain as many as you like to achieve the desired length.
50' Banana Extension (Cat. #A291-ext)....................$19.95 add to cart

Great Books about Electrical Sensitivity


Chemical and Electrical Hypersensitivity

A Sufferer's Memoir
by Jerry Evans

Electrical and multiple chemical sensitivities are disabling illnesses, yet many doctors know little of these conditions, or worse, dismiss them. This timely memoir recounts one man's experience when he became afflicted by electrical and multiple chemical sensitivities in his line of work as an engineer. The onset of the diseases is explored, as is his struggle with the mainstream medical establishment, which was largely hostile to his diagnosis. When the symptoms became unbearable, he was forced to leave his home and seek out a physical environment that would be healthier for him and where he could begin his recovery. This is an inspirational text for those living with electrical or multiple chemical sensitivity and an educational one for those first learning about these conditions.

Chemical and Electrical Hypersensitivity (Cat. A690) ......... $ 29.95 add to cart


The Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Workbook

A Guided Journey to Feeling Better.
by former EHS victim Angela Hobbs

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS) is so much more than an allergy and treating it as little else dooms it's victims to small worlds and big hits. Although there's plenty of 'allergy' in electrosensitivity, there's also a whole lot more to it. Recovery demands that we understand and work with it in a broader context. It demands a lot more than simply avoiding electrical equipment and wireless devices.

In this Workbook Angela Hobbs, a fully recovered EHS victim, takes the reader through her 'groundbreaking' approach to healing from this poorly understood sensitivity. Step by step we're lead to a better understanding of why we're sensitive, what we're reacting to and how to become significantly less bothered by this hidden foe. January 2012, 50 pages spiral bound.

    'The EHS Workbook' claims to show you how to:
  • right-size your recovery toolkit - because EHS is so much more than an allergy
  • tidy-up all the the informational cues that burden your body
  • reduce the electromagnetic spectrum's strength
  • make delicious, hot meals without a kitchen
  • create and follow your healing pathway
  • waste less time being dysfunctional
  • be less isolated and feel better fast

The Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Workbook (Cat. #A657) .......... $24.95 add to cart


by Jim Waugh

Different than most books on the subject because it discusses the theory and background behind EMR in Part 1 and then explains what the reader can do to reduce his or her exposure in Part 2. It is a well researched book that explains complex terms and issues clearly in a very readable form.

It gives simple, do-able steps for testing your living environment to reduce the risks of developing EMR sensitivities and diseases. Numerous recommendations assist the reader in using electrical and wireless technologies safely.

Living Without Elecricity

    Topics addressed in Part 1
  • What EMR is, where it comes from and the reasons for concern
  • How EMR impacts the human body
  • Explanations of EMR terminology
  • Impact on the natural environment
  • Wireless networks and power transmission lines
  • Cellphones
  • Geomagnetic energy
  • Roles of government and industry
    Topics addressed in Part 2
  • Safe exposure standards
  • Building or renovating an electromagnetic safe home
  • Toxic chemicals and EMR
  • Electromagnetic home investigation
  • Real estate pre-commitment investigation
  • EMR in passenger vehicles

Appendices and a bibliography list sources of people, materials, tools and reference material. Paperback. 2010, 234 pages.

Living Safely with Electromagnetic Radiation (Cat. #A520) ....... $24.95 add to cart


Living Without Elecricity Why Your Cell Phone Shouldn't Be Your Alarm Clock and 1,268 Ways to Outsmart the Hazards of Electronic Pollution

By Ann Louise Gittleman

A groundbreaking exposé of the hidden truths of electropollution, Zapped is a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to counteracting the invisible hazards of everyday electromagnetic exposure.

We're being zapped: Today 84 percent of Americans own a cell phone, 89 million of us watch TV beamed in by satellite, and we can't sip a cup of coffee at our local café without being exposed to Wi-Fi. The very electronic innovations that have changed our lives are also exposing us, in ways big and small, to an unprecedented number of electromagnetic fields. Invisible pollution surrounds us twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, interrupting our bodies' natural flow of energy. And for some, that pollution has reached the point of toxicity, causing fatigue, irritability, weakness, and even illness.

But we don't have to simply surrender. Ann Louise Gittleman brings forth the latest research into electromagnetic fields to create this groundbreaking guide for every citizen of the wireless age. With a proactive, levelheaded approach, she not only clarifies the risks but also offers specific, step-by-step information for how anyone can minimize them. From where you place your sofa to when you use your cell phone to what you eat for dinner, Zapped is packed with strategies for avoiding and mitigating the damaging effects of electropollution.

As she examines modern life room by room, device by device, Gittleman reveals a master plan for detoxifying your surroundings and protecting yourself and your family.

Paperback. 2010, 262 pages.

ZAPPED (Cat. #A591) .......... $14.99 add to cart

Even more books on Electrical Sensitivity:

Toxic Electricity
Toxic Electricity
Healing Severe Chemical and EMF Sensitivity
Healing Severe Chemical
and EMF Sensitivity
Curing Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity
Curing Electromagnetic

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