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EMF Shielding Fabrics



"Near Field Magnetic RF Shielding"

This is a very unique multi-metallized fabric. Of course you get good far field RF shielding: 65-80 dB tested over 30MHz to 1GHz. But in addition, because of the Cobalt alloy top coating, this material offers remarkable radiofrequency magnetic shielding in difficult near field conditions (80 dB or better!). This material even shields 70-80 dB over 24-40 GHz! Great for shielding Cellphones, Laptops and iPad radiation.


CobalTex Great for reducing interference between tightly placed components. Light weight (only 100 g/m²) and very flexible, tight taffeta weave. Resistivity less than 0.1 Ohm/sq. 42 inch wide, silver colored.

Thickness: 0.08 mm
Width: 42 inch
Weight: 100 g/m²
Resistivity: < 0.1 Ohm/sq.
Color: Silver
Base: Polyester
Conductor: Nickel/Copper/Cobalt plated


PDF specification sheet

CobalTex™ (Cat. #A1271) ........ $20.75 per lin ft add to cart
Roll Surcharge ... $10.00 add to cart Material will ship folded if this is not selected

CobalTex Fabric [100 lin ft roll] (Cat. #A1271-roll) ........... $1550.00 add to cart

Nickel/Copper RipStop


High Performance RF Shielding and Non-Corroding EMF blocking fabric

Even better shielding effectiveness than Pure Copper Polyester Taffeta (below), and vastly superior tarnish and corrosion resistance due to Nickel plating. Polyester ripstop base fabric for toughness and light weight. Only 0.08mm thick. Surface Resistance: 0.01-0.03 Ohm/sq. Because Nickel may produce skin allergies, this material is not intended for direct contact with skin. Protective gloves are recommended when handling this material. 42.5 inch wide

Nickel/Copper RipStop Nickel/Copper RipStop Thickness: 0.08mm (3 mil)
Width: 42.5 inch
Weight: 90 g/m²
Resistivity: 0.03 Ohm/sq
Temp range: -40°C to 150°C, up to 200°C short term
Color: Silver
Base: Polyester
Conductor: Nickel/Copper plated

PDF specification sheet

Nickel/Copper RipStop (Cat. #A1213) ..... $12.95 per lin ft add to cart
Roll Surcharge ... $10.00 add to cart Material will ship folded if this is not selected

Nickel/Copper RipStop [100 lin ft roll] (Cat. #A1213-roll) ......... $971.25 add to cart

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Pure Copper Polyester Taffeta Fabric


Pure Copper High Performance RF Shielding Fabric

Shiny, smooth fabric with pure copper. Light weight and flexible. Easy to cut and sew like ordinary fabric. Better color stability due to tarnish resistant finish. High conductivity and shielding performance. Use it for RF shielding drapes, the copper color makes a great shielded wall covering, Line your garments for EMF protection, make shielded pouches for your phone, RF credit card shield and to protect your vehicle key fob and many more applications. Great price too! 42.5 inch wide Tested to shield 60-70 dB over 10 MHZ to 3 GHz, and 55-60 dB over 24-40 GHz.

Pure Copper Polyester Taffeta Fabric Thickness: 0.08mm (3 mil)
Width: 42.5 inch
Weight: 80 g/m² (about 35% Copper)
Resistivity: 0.05 Ohm/sq
Temp. range: -40°C to 150°C, up to 200°C short term
Color: bright Copper
Base: Polyester
Conductor: Copper plated

PDF specification sheet

Pure Copper Polyester Taffeta Fabric (Cat. #A1212) ............. $10.95 per lin ft add to cart
Roll Surcharge ........... $10.00 add to cart Material will ship folded if this is not selected

Pure Copper Polyester Taffeta [100 lin ft roll] (Cat. #A1212-roll) ......... $821.25 add to cart

Ripstop Silver Fabric


High Quality Pure Silver for Excellent Shielding Performance

Good microwave/radiowave shielding. First developed as an antibacterial fabric for general use (wound healing and odor control) so you know it has consistent high quality, Ripstop Silver Fabric is a very conductive, high shielding performance fabric. Pure Silver coated onto nylon RipStop for strength. Can be used for garment liners. Also great for static control. Comfortable and safe against the skin. Resistivity is less than 0.25 Ohm/sq. Light gray color. Light weight too: only 1.1 ounce per sq yard. -30°C to 90°C temperature range. 55±1 inch wide. Hand washable. Made in USA. Tested to shield approximately 60 dB from 20 MHz right up to 40 GHz!

30 den Nylon; 121 threads per inch
Thickness: 2 mil

    Common uses: Ripstop Silver Fabric
  • Electric field shielding
  • Microwave shielding
  • Anti-static surface
  • RF shielding jacket, hat, garment liner
  • Faraday enclosure
  • Window drapes or appliance cover

Ripstop Silver Performance Thickness: -
Width: 55±1 inch
Weight: 1.2 oz./yd²
Resistivity: <0.25 Ohm/sq
Color: Silver
Base: Nylon
Conductor: Silver plated

PDF specification sheet

Temporarily Backordered

Shieldit Super Fabric Shieldit Super Fabric


"Shielding Fabric With Hot Melt Adhesive"

High quality flame retardant emf shielding fabric for radiofrequency and microwave shielding. Rugged rip-stop polyester substrate (for superior strength and handling), Nickel and Copper plated (for excellent shielding and low corrosion), then coated on one side with a non-conductive hot melt adhesive (activates at 130°C = 266°F) so you can iron it on to cotton, wood, glass or paper, or roll it into a tube and heat seal the seam! You can turn almost any surface or fabric into a high performance RF shielding material. Maximum temperature is 200°C (=392°F). Can also be cut and sewn like ordinary fabric.

This fabric offers an amazing shielding performance: 70 dB over 30 MHz to 3 GHz, and 55-65 dB over 24-40 GHz. Will also block virtually all ELF & VLF electric fields when grounded. Great for shielding extension cords and computer cables. Connect strips of it to make a sheet shield under your bed or hang it on the wall. Makes a great liner for drapes too! Line a vest or a hat to protect your vital organs from radiowaves and electric fields. It doesn't breathe well, and Nickel may cause skin irritation, so plan to line it with cotton if you will be using it against the skin. 230 g/m², 0.17 mm thick. UL 94V-0 level flame retardant. RoHS Compliant. Gray, 13 inch wide.

Thickness: 0.17 mm
Width: +/- 13 inch
Weight: 230 g/m²
Resistivity: <0.07 Ohms per square
Color: Gray
Base: Polyester
Conductor: Nickel/Copper plated

PDF specification sheet

Shieldit Super Fabric Shieldit Super Fabric Shielding Performance

Shieldit Super 13" (Cat. #A1220) .................. $8.95/lin ft add to cart
Roll Surcharge ... $10.00 add to cart Material will ship folded if this is not selected

Shieldit Super Fabric [100 lin ft roll] (Cat. #A1220-roll) ........... $671.25 add to cart

Stick E Shield™ Fabric Stick E Shield™ Fabric

Stick E ShieldTM

"Exceptional Shielding Fabric with Conductive Adhesive Backing"

Unique blackened Nickel / Copper coated polyester with adhesive backing creates a fabric which performs where no other fabric can go. Highly conductive and good RF shielding. Completely black, won't fade. Peel off paper backing reveals high strength conductive adhesive. Stays right where you put it. Exceptional shielding fabric can be used for shielding cellphones and laptops. Easily cut to size with scissors. Flexible and light weight. Excellent corrosion resistance.

  • 40-50 dB over 1-4 GHz, 50 dB over 24-40 GHz.
  • Thickness: 0.08-0.09 mm
  • Conductivity: 0.02-0.08 Ohm/cm
  • 100g/m²
  • 23% Copper+20% Nickel+57% polyester

PDF specification sheet

Great for covering walls, lining boxes, blocking out windows, making gaskets, lining pockets, cell phone and laptop cases and more! Even cut it into strips to use as a tape or to seal gaps. Stick E Shield can be applied to walls and painted too! 42 inch wide.

Stick E Shield™ (Cat. #A11344) .......... $18.95 per lin ft add to cart
Roll Surcharge ... $10.00 add to cart Material will ship folded if this is not selected

Stick E Shield™ Fabric [100 lin ft roll] (Cat. #A11344-100) ........... $1421.00 add to cart

What our customers tell us:

"I purchased this Stick E Shield to cover the flexible plastic dog door I have in a room that is otherwise shielded with Yshield. Stick E Shield has worked like a dream..went from a reading of -42D to -65D without affecting the performance of the dog door. Thank you!"    R.R., Columbus OH

Grounding Cord Need a ground cord"
12-foot long ground cord, alligator clip on one end bites onto fabric, 3-prong-style plug on the other end plugs easily into your grounded outlet. Only the round lug is connected to the wire. The 2 flat prongs are not connected to anything.
Grounding Cord, 3-prong/gator (Cat. #A295-12) ...... $8.95 add to cart

Need a different style" More ground cords click here.

Linear Foot Image

How much is a linear foot"

Because we offer so many different fabrics, of different widths, the easiest way to order is by specifying how long the piece of fabric will be. We describe the length of the fabric purchased in linear feet. So, for example, if you order 22 linear feet of a material, you will get a piece that is 22 feet long x the width of the material. The width of each material is listed near the end of the product description.


Looking for project ideas"
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What's a dB"

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Fabric Sampler


"Get Samples of All Our Fabrics"

Can't decide which fabric is right for your application" Want to see and feel the fabrics before you decide" In this booklet you get swatches of each fabric, along with specifications and application suggestions. Swatches are approximately 2 inches. Ni/Cu/Co tape, Threads, Hook & Loop, and Copper Wire Mesh not included in standard sampler, so if you need these, be sure to specify. If you need larger pieces for your testing, you can order as little as 1 linear foot of any material (see above).

Booklet includes a coupon worth $25 towards any fabric from our line. Good for 1 year.

Fabric Sampler Booklet (Cat. #FSB) ............. $25.00 add to cart

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