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Use Kilogauss meter to measure magnetic field strength

Baby Shower
Gift Ideas

Shielded Swaddling Sheet

Most Moms throughout history have understood the soothing benefit of swaddling their babies while keeping them both safe and comfortable. In the modern world, the new danger of wireless radiation from cellphones and cordless phones, wifi, and microwave ovens is everywhere. Swaddling Sheet is made from a soft breathable cotton-based white fabric (similar to cotton bed sheet) with superfine silver fibers (you need a microscope to see them) which adds wireless radiation shielding for maximum peace of mind. A generous 38 inch square which is machine washable and completely baby-safe allows standard swaddling technique. Makes a great baby gift too. Click for more information about this item

Swaddling Sheet:  $79.95     Quantity:

Shielded Baby Blanket

We all know babies are more sensitive to injury from radiation both before and after birth. Expecting Moms may not realize that they are radiating their developing fetus by using a cell phone or wifi near their belly. This shielded Baby Blanket is the ultimate in snuggly comfort while providing a high level of radiation shielding. Just use it like any ordinary blanket. Cover Mom's belly or wrap the baby. Either way, it's a smart, safe, and effective way to lower your baby's exposure during this critical time in his or her development. Click for more information about this item

Baby Blanket: Pink  $99.95     Quantity:
Baby Blanket: Blue  $99.95     Quantity:

Baby Monitor Shield

As parents ourselves, we were shocked to see the amount of RF radiation given off by wireless baby monitors. It is as strong as the worst cellphone, and transmits for the entire time it's on.

Of course you need to keep an eye on your baby, but what about the harmful RF radiation sprayed by baby monitors? The Baby Monitor Shield reduces up to 90% RF from your baby monitor, helping both you and your child lower your exposure while you sleep, without disrupting the signal between the camera and the monitor. The Baby Monitor Shield is extremely lightweight and flexible, yet still durable, and takes only seconds to install. You get two shields (one for the camera and one for the monitor), each measuring 5"x7", which can be trimmed with scissors if necessary to ensure a perfect fit. It fits most standard baby monitors. Makes a great baby gift! Click for more information about this item

Baby Monitor Shield  $19.95     Quantity:

Gift Ideas

Dream Canopy

This may be the best RF protection value. Extremely sheer and transparent, it offers excellent air circulation and dramatic shielding performance of 30-45dB. It will shield cell phone, wi-fi and other wireless signals nicely. Also shields electric field. Easy access slit on one side makes getting in and out a snap.

Perfect for travelling as it takes up less room than a sweater in your suitcase and weighs only about a pound.

Dark gray color. Does double duty as a mosquito net, too! Not just for beds either! Can be used over a couch, workstation, your favorite lounger or hammock. Includes ground cord, stainless steel ceiling hook and support ring. Fabric is delicate, 100% pure Silver coated Nylon, so limit washing. Click for more information about this item

Dream Canopy:
  Full/Queen/King  $899.00          Quantity:
  Twin/Single/Crib   $599.00           Quantity:

Safeguard Apron

Soft feel and gentle to the skin. Completely machine washable (no bleach) and dryable (cool) without losing shielding performance. Generously cut for comfort and great "neck to hip" protection for pregnant women, computer and microwave oven users, TV or radio station workers, research and hospital workers, or anywhere people are exposed to RF radiation. Color styles may vary.

This unique apron is constructed using our special cotton based StaticotTM shielding fabric which is a highly effective E-field and RF shield, providing up to 40 dB to 10 GHz according to test results. 1000 Ohm per sq on the surface, so it is also great for static discharge and easy to make ground connections. Click for more information about this item

Safeguard Apron:  $59.95         Quantity:

Zapped Book

Why Your Cell Phone Shouldn't Be Your Alarm Clock and 1,268 Ways to Outsmart the Hazards of Electronic Pollution

A groundbreaking expose of the hidden truths of electropollution, Zapped is a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to counteracting the invisible hazards of everyday electromagnetic exposure. Click for more information about this item

Zapped Book & DVD:  $14.99         Quantity:



Gift Ideas

Signal TamerTM

Raise your hand if you ever wondered: "How much microwave radiation is my wi-fi router pumping out?" I can assure you it is a lot more than you need. You know this is true because you can pick up the router signal from your neighbors who can be several houses away! Routers are notoriously overpowered. In most homes you can get away with 1/10th or even 1/100th of the power they provide. So why irradiate yourself and your family with all that extra (and unnecessary) microwave energy?

Signal Tamer is such a simple way to soften the signal, just enough so that it reduces radiation output by 90-95%, but still allows the router to function without losing speed. Special shielding fabric mesh pouch allows plenty of air flow and very easily slips over the entire router. Installs in seconds. No need to disconnect your router or interrupt service. Reduces range by about half, so it will be harder for your neighbors to get your signal. If you sit next to a wi-fi router at home or at work, or if you have one in your bedroom, or if you have children in the house, you owe it to yourself to get one and muzzle that menace today. Click for more information about this item

Signal Tamer:

Standard size 10x16 inches  $34.95     Quantity:
Extra large 20x24 inches  $49.95         Quantity:

HARApad "Heat and Radiation Attenuating Pad for Laptops" With Added RF Shield

Laptops emit a high magnetic field from the base, and annoying heat. HARApad is designed to act as a shield between magnetic field radiation source and the part of your body below the shield. A layer of high-tech radiation shielding material incorporated into the pad contains the field and reduces heat by increasing dissipation to the environment- and away from your body and the laptop. Just place the HARApad under the laptop. Durable, rigid polymer surface acts as a stable platform and fits both 15.4" and 17" laptops.

Amazing high level of performance: HARApad reduced magnetic fields more than 100%! (this means that the magnetic fields were less than background levels with the shield in place) Attractive two tone: black on one side, gray on the other. Easy to transport with the laptop. A tidy 14.5 x 11 inches. Weighs only 28 ounces. Made in USA. Click for more information about this item

HARApad  $99.95     Quantity:

RADEX Radiation Monitor

Simple Geiger Counter Detects Radioactivity

Designed for evaluation of ambient dosage of gamma radiation, which can be done by ordinary people in domestic environment (homes, office, food products, construction materials, soil, etc.). Also, the instrument can be used by industrial personnel, working with ionizing sources of radiation. Moreover, the instrument can detect objects, polluted by beta active radioactive nuclides. Click for more information about this item

RADEX Radiation Monitor:  $99.95         Quantity:

Deluxe Instrumment Case

Perfect for meters, instruments or cameras. Fits plenty of stuff in a compact space. This rugged case features aluminum trim, riveted corners, lock and keys, carry handle and metal hinges. Black hard sidewalls. Black padded inside walls but no foam. Outside: 12'' x 10'' x 4''; Inside: 11" x 9¼" x 3¼". Click for more information about this item

Deluxe Instrumment Case:  $19.95    Quantity:


Home EMF
Survey Kit

Trifield Meter Model TF-2

The TriField Meter is an economical combination of magnetic, electric, and analog radio/microwave detection in one package. This meter combines all these unique features with fast, reliable measurements of electromagnetic pollution.

The TriField Meter will accurately measure EMF pollution from these "hot spots" in your home, office, or work environment so you can take steps for "prudent avoidance". Click for more information about this item

Trifield Meter:  $168.00    Quantity:

High Frequency Meter

This is the recommend radiofrequency meter for Checking "Smart Meter" Emissions. We like this calibrated wideband (800 MHz - 2.5 GHz) RF meter because it has a switch which allows a choice of peak or average indication mode. This permits accurate measurement of both digital and analog signals. Easily detects cell phone towers, cordless phones even microwave oven leaks. Click for more information about this item

High Frequency Meter:  $347.00                Quantity:

Dirty Electricity Meter

Don't just take our word for it. You can now check for Dirty Electricity yourself! This special meter has been developed which can be plugged into an electrical outlet to determine the levels of EMF high-frequency pollution in your home or office both before and after using Dirty Electricity Filters. Extremely easy to use and reliable.

This meter is designed to measure only the high frequency noise which may exist in your electrical wiring. The meter is very easy to use. Simply plug the meter into an electric outlet. The meter works equally well on standard outlets (2 prong, or 3-prong), and GFI outlets. It can also be used with surge suppressors, power strips or extension cords. Click for more information about this item

Dirty Electricity Meter:  $99.95                Quantity:

Body Voltage Meter

Measure the Voltage Effects of EMF on Your Body! An external field will induce an electric field within our bodies. In this sense, our bodies act as antennas picking up fields from electric blankets, alarm clocks, powerlines, and just about everything connected to a source of electric power.

The Body Voltage Meter quickly and easily reports this induced AC body voltage. Simply hold the sensor handle. Notice how your body voltage varies as you move about the room, as you change position (standing vs lying down, for example) and it also depends on what you are wearing. Click for more information about this item

Body Voltage Meter:  $89.95         Quantity:

Socket Tester

Check Sockets for Improper Wiring and Faulty Ground! Electric sockets can be bad for a number of reasons: a wire can short or fray, a wire can become disconnected, or corrode at the contact, or the wires can be connected to the wrong contact altogether! These problems can be a fire hazard, a shock hazard, a problem for polarized appliances, and definitely a problem if you are using the socket's ground connection to Earth your shielding.

There is no need to guess because it is so easy to test for proper wiring at a socket. Simply plug in the tester and look at the result. Large LCD display indicates if ground is missing or faulty. Easy to see LEDs light up to indicate all the possible problems. Click for more information about this item

Socket Tester:  $14.95         Quantity:

Tracing EMFs Book & DVD

A practical guide for reducing AC magnetic fields produced by building wiring and improper grounding practices. Step by step instructions for detecting wiring problems and a full description of common wiring errors and how to correct them. This guide is for anyone who wants to inspect their own home, electricians and electrical inspectors, those starting a new profession in EMF consulting, as well as those involved with the process of building construction such as architects and contractors. Utility personnel involved in EMF measurements can profit from this information. 96 pages, spiral bound book and 23 minute DVD. Click for more information about this item

Tracing EMFs Book & DVD:  $47.95         Quantity:

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