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EMF Shielding ideas for cats, dogs, and other pets    

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Radiofrequency shielding for animals

Pet Shielding Ideas

Pets are affected by radiofrequency signal too. For example, cellphone radiation has been shown to promote tumors in laboratory mice, change the behavior of honey bees, and produce high mortality among frog tadpoles. Cats, dogs, fish, and birds will be affected as well. Want to know more? Here is a website which lists scientific studies showing the effects of electromagnetic fields on a variety of plants (and animals).

Many customers have told us that shielding their pets produced noticeable changes in the pet's behavior. Less irritability, better sleep, and better appetite have been noticed.

If your pet lives or sleeps in a high RF environment, whether due to wifi, cellphones, cordless phones, microwave ovens, or smart meters, consider taking steps to reduce their exposure.

shielded pet jacket EMF shielded pet jacket


"Microwave Shielding for the Smallest Family Member"

Our customers sometimes tell us that their pets avoid high EMF areas. They may know something we don't! Pets can hear things, see things, and smell things that we can't. No reason they could feel things too! Our Pet Jacket is made with a soft gray jersey knit fabric that offers good shielding for radio signals from cell phones, wifi, microwave ovens and more. Washable, soft and slightly stretchy with a Velcro closure down the chest. Great for both cats and small dogs up to about 10 pounds.

Pet Jacket Gray Small (Cat. #A353-gy-s) ..................... $39.95 add Pet Jacket gray small to cart

Pet Jacket Black Small (Cat. #A353-bk-s) .................... $39.95 add Pet Jacket black small to cart

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Protective Pet Tent Protective Pet Bed


"Pets Can Be Sensitive Too!"

Ever wonder why your pet favors some areas of the house and avoids others? It might be because of microwave radiation from wifi, cell towers, laptops and more. Now imagine a safe, fun, and cute canopy tent bed for your pet that is also a complete faraday cage shielded enclosure! A safe haven for restful sleep, play, or just hanging out. Sized for cats and small dogs, up to about 12 pounds. Made with durable Staticot shielding fabric which is washable and provides about 30 dB of RF shielding. Flapped door for easy access maintains enclosure integrity. Includes support poles and comfy inside pillow. 15x15x15H inches.

Protective Pet Tent Bed (Cat. #A938) ..................... $89.95 add conductive car earthing strap to cart

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Here are some more DIY examples:

Shielded beehive box
EMF Shielded beehive box
Canopy for shielding pets
Bee Hives

A beekeeper can paint the outside of the hive boxes with shielding paint to protect the important resting and reproductive activity inside the hive, then paint over it with bright colored latex paint to help bees identify the proper hive.

Pet Beds

A shielded tent or small canopy can cover a standard pet bed. Washable and breathable Naturell would be a good fabric choice for this purpose.

Plants grow better
EMF Shielded bird cage Shielded birdcage
Chicken Coops

Copper Wire Mesh or Stainless Steel Mesh can be used to make a shielded chicken coop.

Bird Cages

A bird cage cover could be made from shielding fabric such as ArgenMesh or Daylite.
The area inside would be a shielded haven for the birds.

EMF Shielded dog crate cover Shielded dog crate
Plants grow better

Dog and cat crates could be covered with a washable shielding fabric such as HertzCloth or Staticot


Even a fish tank could be shielded with RadioClear

shielded dog hat shielded pet coat shielded snake sweater

If your pet will tolerate it, custom clothing can be knit from shielding yarn or sewn from shielding fabric such as Silver Jersey Knit or HertzCloth

The options are limited only by your imagination. For help in selecting the proper shielding material for your project, contact us!

Can't find what you are looking for? Call us, we're happy to help!

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