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Frequency Generator


"Low Frequency Test Signal Generator"

Make some waves! Need a source of 20 Hz to 150 kHz frequencies" Handy little unit fits in your shirt pocket and is very simple to operate. Produces nice clean sine waves (adjustable intensity up to 1.2V rms) or square waves (p to 8V p-p) with 5% frequency accuracy. Simply dial in the desired frequency. Uses 9V battery (50 hrs typical use). Includes low battery indicator, test leads and 9V battery.

Check the response of your gaussmeter to various frequencies (connect the Frequency Generator to the Degaussing Coil to generate several mG fields at various frequencies), test your frequency counter, connect to a speaker/headphones to test your hearing range! Also great for field/bench service of audio equipment, car stereo, etc. Bargain price!

Generator frequency20Hz~150KHz in 46 steps ±0.5dB
Sine wave output1.2V RMS minimum in 600 Ohm
Distortionless than 0.05% (200Hz~15KHz)
0.1% (50Hz~30KHz)
less than 0.3% (20Hz~100KHz)
Square wave output8V p-p max. (no load)
Rise/fall timeless than 0.5µsec
Overshootless than 2%
Duty ratio50% ±5%
Output impedence1 KOhm
Dimensions3 3/8" (W) x 6" (H) x 1" (D)

Frequency Generator (Cat. #A423)....... $74.95 add to cart

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