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Best ways to protect your self and reduce microwave radiation from Smart Utility Meters    
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Smart Meter Shielding
smart meter shield

How do I shield a Smart meter"

A Smart meter is a radiofrequency (RF) emitting device that the utility company has installed on your gas or electric meter. The RF signal emitted transmits information back to the utility company about your gas or electric usage. The signal is intermittent, but operates 24/7. Usually, the utility company will not permit you to completely block this transmission. However, you can shield your body and your living space to minimize the amount of RF exposure you receive.

If you are also concerned about the magnetic field emissions (due to the presence of electric current), see magnetic shielding material and the magnetic shielding FAQ.

There are two main categories of shielding materials that can be used:

RF reflectors and RF absorbers shield for smart meter

An RF reflector such as Nickel Copper Ripstop Fabric will cause the majority of the signal to bounce off, somewhat like a mirror reflects light. It can have very high shielding performance, and in general should be grounded for peak efficiency. It will usually offer better shielding (less RF transmission) than an absorbing material. An RF absorber such as Laminated Microwave Absorber will absorb some of the signal, and minimize reflection. The energy absorbed is released as a tiny, almost unmeasurable amount of heat. Grounding is usually not needed. In both cases, SOME amount of RF does get through the shield, as no shield is 100% effective. You can use double or triple layers of shielding to improve performance.

smart meter emf shield

So where should I put the shield" And how much area do I need to cover"

First, the shield must be positioned BETWEEN you and the source of the radiation. Generally, this means that the shield will be placed on the interior surface of the wall adjacent to the Smart meter. Think about the Smart meter emissions as coming from a light bulb located at the meter, and the shield casting a shadow. Cover enough wall so that the people would be in the protective "shadow" cast by the shield. Notice the small shield in the floor plan at right. In this example, the majority of the bedroom area is protected, but that is not true for the rest of the living space.

How large is my emf shield So which one is right for your situation" In a hypothetical world where your Smart meter is the only source of RF radiation, either absorbers or reflectors would work well. However, in the real world, there will be multiple sources of RF radiation. Some of them might be right inside your own home. Some might be coming from other directions. In such a situation, if you use a reflecting material, it will reflect on BOTH sides, and you could end up increasing the amount of RF in your living space. On the other hand, if you use an absorber, it will absorb on BOTH sides, so you cannot increase your exposure. If, you use both materials, a reflector on the side closest to the RF source, and an absorber on the side closest to the living space, you get the best of both materials... and the absolute lowest RF transmission. Any small amount of Smart meter signal penetrating the reflector will be absorbed by the absorber. Any signal coming from the opposite direction will have to pass through the absorber, then reflect off the reflector, and finally pass through the absorber again before it re-enters the living space. This would be a very small amount indeed.



Installs In Seconds, Fits All Smart Meters

Smart Meters emit microwave signals in all directions. To protect your loved ones from these emissions, your shield must be placed between the source of emissions and the people. That usually means on the interior of the wall where the smart meter is attached. But what if you need to shield an outdoor patio" Or an area to the side of the smart meter"

Now you can. The Economy Exterior Smart Meter Shield Kit includes everything you need and requires no tools (except scissors) to install. Installation takes only seconds. Corrosion-immune, soft Stainless Steel Mesh is wrapped around the glass part of the smart meter and is held in place by weather resistant, adhesive Velcro®-type hook and loop. Simply trim any excess with your scissors. Couldn't be easier! Shielding performance reduces sideways signal measurably, but still allows enough to get back to the utility for proper meter readings.

You might even want to get one to offer to your neighbors.

Installation Instructions (pdf)

Economy Exterior Smart Meter Shield Kit (Cat. #A208) ... $19.95 add smart meter shield to cart



Everything You Need for Effective RF Shielding

We get this question a lot: "How do I shield my smart meter" Remember, you want the shield to be placed between the source of radiation and the people you wish to protect. And it would be nice if the shield didn't reflect radiation back towards the people. In this kit, you get everything you'll need to set up a simple but effective shield for the brain jarring beat of the smart meter. It covers an ample area of 8x7 feet and includes an RF reflector, an absorber material, mounting tape and ground cord. With these 2 layers, almost no radiation can get through and this is easily demonstrated with the proper RF meter. Clear instructions show you how to attach it to the interior of the wall on which the smart meter is mounted. You can cover it with any decorative finish you like. Great for both long term or short term (removable) situations. Your smart meter is pulsing out microwaves right now. Shield yours today! Includes Economy Exterior Smart Meter Shield Kit for outdoor protection too!

Smart Meter Shield Kit (Cat. #1219) ........... $349.95 add deluxe shield for smart meter to cart

Need to cover a larger area"

You can order additional material:

Nickel/Copper RipStop (Cat. #A1213) ..... $12.95 per lin ft add emf shield for smart meter to cart

MW Absorbing Sheet (Cat. #A259) ............ $9.95 per lin ft add smart meter shield to cart




Award-winning documentary

Take Back Your Power uncovers the shocking story behind why hundreds of local governments are standing against the multi-billion dollar rollout of 'smart' utility meters. Take a journey of revelation, examining evidence of in-home privacy invasions, systemic over-billing, extortion, health & environmental harm, fires and unprecedented hacking vulnerability. And be inspired by emerging solutions.

With compelling insight from whistleblowers, government agents, lawyers, doctors, researchers and environmentalists, Take Back Your Power investigates the claimed benefits and emerging risks of a profit-based global initiative that seeks to change the way we live. What you'll discover will surprise, unsettle and ultimately empower you. NTSC version (N America style) 88 minutes, 2014 edition.

Take Back Your Power (Cat. #A532) ........... $19.95 add to cart

What other materials could be use to shield smart meter radiation"

Which shielding materials do you recommend"

Reflectors for a wall:

Yshield Fabric such as Ni/Cu Ripstop is a good choice. Use two layers and be sure to ground them. shielding drape

Paints such as Y-Shield and CuPro-Cote are good choices.

Drapes and curtains for windows: VeilShield and High Performance Silver Mesh allow good light penetration.

microwave Absorber Absorber for a wall:

Laminated MW Absorber is a convenient, 48 inch wide film that is very low cost and easy to install.

You can cover over your shielding materials with almost any decorative medium that you like. The shielding should be protected from abrasion, excessive flexing, and moisture.

Shielding Garments and Bedding:

shielding garments Find a variety of shielding hats, shirts, gloves and more to wear on your body. SwissShield emf fabric

These unique Swiss fabrics can be used to make washable shielded bedding and clothing.

Use a Faraday canopy to make shielded enclosure. Blocbag shielded sleeping bag

A portable Shielded Sleeping Bag is also available.

Which meters do you recommend"
high frequency meter for smart meter radiation
We recommend the
High Frequency Meter


acoustimeter for checking smart meter emissions
We recommend the
Acoustimeter (AM-10) - Currently out of stock - Upgrading to AM-11. All the same features with a wider frequency range.

These 2 meters have fast enough response to measure the short radiation bursts.

These short videos show smart meter radiation and installation / shielding performance.


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