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More Unique EMF Meters
Body Voltage Meter


Measure the Voltage Effects of EMF on Your Body!

An external field will induce an electric field within our bodies. In this sense, our bodies act as antennas picking up fields from electric blankets, alarm clocks, powerlines, and just about everything connected to a source of electric power.

Delicate biological cellular processes (like brain function and heart muscle contraction) operate on the scale of microVolts to milliVolts. Body Voltage can exceed several Volts in some cases.

The Body Voltage Meter quickly and easily reports this induced AC body voltage. Simply hold the sensor handle. Notice how your body voltage varies as you move about the room, as you change position (standing vs lying down, for example) and it also depends on what you are wearing.

The Body Voltage Meter is a great way to test the effectiveness of your static discharge (ESD) devices and can be used to measure the AC voltage build up on static producing surfaces. Large digital readout is easy to see and sensitive down to 1 mV. Will help you detect irritating voltage sources which may not otherwise be obvious. Comes complete. Uses 1 9V battery (not included). Calibrated for 40-500 Hz.

Body Voltage Meter (Cat. #A183N)....................$89.95 add to cart

Body Voltage Meter

Body Voltage Meter, now available with Ground Stake

Use True Earth as Your Reference

If you prefer to ground to soil, this version of our popular Body Voltage meter comes with a 45 inch copper-plated steel rod and 50 feet of cord so you can ground directly to Earth for confident readings. This is especially important when:
1- You don't have a convenient electrical ground to work with
2- You are working outdoors
3- You have voltage or dirty electricity on your ground lines
4- You don't trust the ground in your building

Simply push the ground rod into the soil and run the ground cord to the location where you want to perform your body voltage measurements.

Body Voltage Meter with Ground Stake (Cat. #A183-stake)....................$129.90 add to cart

Need more cable"
This handy 50 ft extension cable has banana male on one end, female on the other. You can daisy chain as many as you like to achieve the desired length.
50' Banana Extension (Cat. #A291-ext)....................$19.95 add to cart

20' Banana Extension
This smaller, 20 ft extension cable has banana male on one end, female on the other. You can daisy chain as many as you like to achieve the desired length. Fits into the Body Voltage Meter.
20' Banana Extension (Cat. #A80293)....................$10.95 add grounding extension cord to cart


Check Sockets for Improper Wiring and Faulty Ground!

Socket Tester Including Proper Ground Test Socket Tester Including Proper Ground Test You know what happens when we ass-u-me" Electric sockets can be bad for a number of reasons: a wire can short or fray, a wire can become disconnected, or corrode at the contact, or the wires can be connected to the wrong contact altogether! These problems can be a fire hazard, a shock hazard, a problem for polarized appliances, and definitely a problem if you are using the socket's ground connection to Earth your shielding.

There is no need to guess because it is so easy to test for proper wiring at a socket. Simply plug in the tester and look at the result. Large LCD display indicates if ground is missing or faulty. Easy to see LEDs light up to indicate all these possible problems:

- Voltage on ground connection
- Disconnected Ground
- Disconnected Neutral
- Disconnected Hot
- Interchanged Neutral and Hot
- Interchanged Ground and Hot
- Interchanged Ground and Hot, Neutral missing
- GFI function

This inexpensive tester can be used over and over and gives either peace of mind or specific information about what to do. Don't ground to your socket without it! North American Plug only. Rated for 120V, 50/60 Hz.

Socket Tester Including Proper Ground Test (Cat. #A452) ... $14.95 add to cart



Tests any Infra-red Remote Control Device

Remote control not working" Maybe it's the batteries, maybe the remote is shot, or maybe it's the TV/VCR/Stereo/AC or other controlled device! This Remote Control tester will confirm the operation on any IR remote control. Simply plug the tester into an AC outlet (100V~220V) and point your remote control at the tester. A red LED will light up and sound will be heard when an IR (infrared) signal is detected

Compact and light construction makes it very portable. A great addition to the tool box of any technician who works with fiber optic systems using infrared. Has standard European 2-pin plug plus a North American adapter so it can be used in either location.

Remote Control Tester (Cat. #A445) ............... $12.95 add to cart

What Kind of Unit is "Ohms per Square""

Surface resistivity is measured in Ohms per square (Ohm/square). Ohms are units of resistance, but what about the square"

Engineers know that you can measure surface resistivity from one point on the surface to another using an ordinary ohm-meter. Then the units would be Ohms per distance between points or Ohm/m. But this method yields very inconsistent results, especially with surfaces that are not perfectly homogeneous.

More consistent results are obtained by measuring the surface resistivity between two bars. For simplicity, two parallel bars of equal length are placed exactly 1 length apart on the surface to be measured. They form two opposite side of a square. It doesn't matter how long the bars are, since longer bars will be placed proportionally further apart. The resistance measured between the two bars in Ohms is the resistivity of the surface in Ohms per square! Surface Resistivity Meter

High Frequency Pollution Meter
for Wiring

Stetzer "Microsurge" Meter

Don't just take our word for it. You can now check for this pollution yourself! A special meter has been developed which can be plugged into an electrical outlet to determine the levels of EMF high-frequency pollution in your home or office both before and after using the HF EMPOR. Extremely easy to use and reliable.

This meter is designed to measure only the high frequency noise which may exist in your electrical wiring. It contains special filters which remove the normal 50/60 Hz signal for the readout.

The meter is very easy to use. Simply plug the meter into an electric outlet. The meter works equally well on standard outlets (2 prong, or 3-prong), and GFI outlets. It can also be used with surge suppressors, power strips or extension cords.

The readout of the meter gives an indication of how much high frequency noise is in the wiring at the outlet where the meter is located. The higher the readout, the more high frequency pollution. The readout is not calibrated, but is very useful for making relative (comparison) measurements.

Ideally, the readout should be as low as possible. It is generally agreed that readings should be below 50. Notice that unplugging appliances may affect the reading.

When using the meter in conjunction with the Graham-Stetzer Filters, plug the meter into the outlet first. Then add Graham-Stetzer Filters to the same outlet and nearby outlets and watch the reading decrease.

The use of a power strip to increase the number of available outlets is useful when you need multiple Graham-Stetzer Filters to reduce the reading to the desired level.

The meter is re-usable. Can be used on 50/60 Hz, 110-230 V systems. Covers 10 kHz to 100 kHz. Has standard 2 prong North Amercian plug, so you will need an adapter to use it outside of N. America. Click here for full instructions.

YouTube video demonstrating this product:

Stetzer Meter - High Frequency Pollution Meter for Wiring: With North American Plug (Cat. #A803) ................... $150 add to cart

Plug Adapters for International Use

(Note, you may also need a 240V / 120V transformer)

2-Prong Adapter for Asia or Europe 2-Prong Plug Adapter for Asia or Europe
Converts 2-prong US plug into 2-prong European/Asian plug. Does not convert voltage. (Cat. #A174-2EU) ... $2.00 add to cart

2-Prong Plug Adapter for Australia 2-Prong Plug Adapter for Australia
Converts 2-prong US plug into 2-prong Australian plug. Does not convert voltage. (Cat. #A174-AU) ... $2.00 add to cart

Air Ion Counter


Unique in this Price Range

This hand-held ion counter possesses the same sensitivity (down to 10 ions/cm³) as meters costing far more. Fully electrostatically shielded, with a fan throughput of 200 cm³/sec, it can make accurate readings even in adverse conditions. Measures positive and negative ions separately. Use it to measure the ions generated from electrical storms, water spray, radioactive decay, corona discharge from high tension wires, even check the effectiveness of your ion generator! Made in USA with a 1 year warranty. 9-volt battery included. New version available that offers both 2 million and 20 million ranges! The AIC2 may cost a little more, but it combines both ranges and offers more accuracy!

  • Setting Time: 10 sec
  • Noise level: 10 ions/cm³
  • Accuracy: ±25% for fast ions
  • Ion selectivity (crosstalk): 20x
  • Range: 10 - 1,999,000 ions/cm³
YouTube video demonstrating Air Ion Counter:

Made in USA Air Ion Counter 2M (Cat. #A156) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $528.00 add to cart

Made in USA Air Ion Counter 20M (Cat. #A156-20M) . . . . . . . . . . . . $528.00 add to cart

New version available with range of botht he above devices!
Air Ion Counter AIC2 (Cat. #A156-20M) . . . . . . . . . . . . $900.00 add to cart


The Best Motion Detector For The Price! Portable Motion Sensor

PIR technology uses infrared radiation to detect the motion of warm bodies. Two modes:
alarm... producing a loud (110 dB) alarm with 30 second delay,
chime... instant, less intense chime sound

The Portable Motion Sensor uses advanced technology to detect intruders and activity in a controlled area: 90° horizontal view, 20° vertical view up to 24 feet from unit. Completely self-contained and portable. Can be mounted on a wall, floor, or simply placed on a tabletop. Unit is armed and disarmed from up to 30 feet away with the handheld remote (included). Portable Motion Sensor

Great for security or paranormal work when you want to monitor an area for activity. Needs 4 AA batteries (not included) or you can power it with a 6 V, 500 mA AC/DC adapter (sold seperately).

Portable Motion Sensor (Cat. #A147) ............. $19.95 add to cart
Model appearance and sensor specifications subject to change without notice, depending on availability.

Case Price [36 units] (Cat. #A147-case) .......... $538.56 add to cart



Ultrasensitive Vibration Detector, Converts Vibrations into Audible Sound!

Vibrations carry interesting information. Termites or bees in a wall cavity produce vibrations, so do footsteps, voices, and machinery. Even flipping a switch or tapping on a keyboard produces detectable vibrations if you have the right equipment!

The Geo-Phone, when placed against a hard surface, will translate those vibrations into an electric signal which can be heard and/or recorded and analyzed. Listen directly with the supplied earbuds. Or connect 3.5 mm stereo output jack to your voice recorder to log the information for later review (separate cable required). Or better yet, connect to your PC (mic input) and view frequency and spectrum data with freely available software such as Audacity.

Definitely sensitive enough to eavesdrop through walls as it picks up voices with amazing clarity, and maybe to hear the tumblers drop in a high quality combination lock. Could even be used in rescue operations. Volume is adjustable. Rechargeable. Runs for about 12 hours per charge, recharges in about 3 hours. Operating Temperature: -20°to 50°C.

In paranormal research, it could be a revolution in collecting EVP. Hold the Geo-Phone to stair steps, or flooring to listen for unseen feet. Listen at windows of abandoned buildings. Check gravestones, church walls, wooden beams, even rock formations for vibrations from the "other side".

Available in two formats:
Basic Geo-Phone which includes everything you need to get started:
- Geo-Phone Sensor
- AC charger (110-220V, 50/60Hz)
- USB cable for charging from your computer
- Stereo earbuds
Geo-Phone, Basic (Cat. #P496) ..................... $29.95 add to cart

Advanced Geo-Phone: Greatly enhanced sensitivity and includes:
- ALL the items in the Basic set, plus:
- Audio amplifier (requires 9V battery) to increase sensitivity by a factor of 100
- Comfortable stereo headset with 2 padded earpieces
- Headset adapter
- 6-foot 3.5 mm male-male connector cable (great for connecting to amplifier, voice recorder, or PC)
- Y-adapter (allows 2 outputs)
- 25-foot 3.5mm male-female extension cable, perfect for remote monitoring.
Geo-Phone, Advanced (Cat. #P497) .................. $99.95 add to cart


GRIMELIGHT™ Unique UV Flashlight

The Housekeeper's Helper
Shine the light on dirt and grime. Achieve a new standard of clean!

Grime Light™ works like a flashlight but emits a powerful 395 nm ultraviolet beam which causes certain organic molecules and minerals to fluoresce bright green, yellow, and orange. Just turn the lights down low. As you sweep your area with Grime Light™, blood, urine, semen & feces, will shine with a distinct and captivating glow. Soap scum splatter, mucous, and some insects (especially scorpions) become painfully obvious... making it possible to clean up and sanitize to a new standard of clean.

GRIMELIGHT™ Grime Light™ causes unseen proteins and minerals to fluoresce, making them highly visible. Hidden breeding grounds for germs can be revealed for efficient treatment and thorough removal. Detects organic and mineral deposits that remain on carpet, skin, clothing, glassware, tools, and surfaces that routine cleaning and sanitizing can miss. Very bright, illuminates a wide area.

Ultraviolet light also reveals the security strips in monetary currency, watermarks hidden in bank notes and fluorescent ink and dyes used as anti-counterfeiting. Illuminate scorpions, check hand stamps at clubs, discover pet stain in carpet or upholstery, and scan a crime scene for foreign materials and body fluids. Handy when checking a hotel room for cleanliness!

51 powerful UV LEDs illuminate a large area of bathroom tile, porcelain fixtures, bedspreads, or carpet. Many laundry detergents, tonic water, and automotive antifreeze all fluoresce dramatically and can be used to create "invisible ink" messages. Or apply them to your hands and go about your business. Later, check with Grime Light™ to see contaminated areas. A great teaching tool!

Can be used to inspect hotel or dormitory bathrooms and bedding before use to see if they have been contaminated. The urine of many animals, including dogs, cats and rodents will fluoresce under UV. Use it for currency and stamp watermark verification, gemstone and mineral inspection, scorpion illumination, and much more. Fluorescent inks (invisible inks), cracked glassware, or even crime scenes can be revealed. Not just for home! A must for schools, hospitals, nursing homes, and medical facilities too.

Aluminum body and positive-action switch conveniently located on barrel, not on end-cap for years of rugged service. Uses 3 AA batteries, not included.

GRIMELIGHT (Cat. #A461) ............. $29.95 add to cart

Deluxe Instrument Case

Deluxe Instrument Case


Perfect for meters, instruments or cameras. Fits plenty of stuff in a compact space. This rugged case features aluminum trim, riveted corners, lock and keys, carry handle and metal hinges. Black hard sidewalls. Black padded inside walls but no foam. Outside: 12'' x 10'' x 4''; Inside: 11" x 9¼" x 3¼".

You can also use it to store:
important papers seeds toiletries knitting / sewing supplies
crayons / chalk photos coupons medicines / vitamins / homeopathy
hand gun / ammo tools collectibles art / craft supplies
cash / valuables diary love letters small toys, Legos, puzzles
business cards lunch receipts baseball cards

Deluxe Instrument Case (Cat. #P711) .............................................. $19.95 add to cart

Deluxe Instrument Case

Deluxe Instrument Case

Foam Inserts


Sized to Fit Deluxe Instrument Case and Customizable

If you like your equipment cradled in supporting foam, these pre-scored foam inserts fit perfectly in the Deluxe Instrument Case above. You get 3 pieces: Upper egg-crate, lower egg-crate, and a middle customizable 1 inch thick piece with 1/2 inch pre-scored lines. Just trace the outline of your equipment on the back side and punch out as many 1/2 inch squares necessary to cradle the equipment perfectly. Even the egg-crate pieces can be cut with a scissors or sharp blade. Nice professional look too.

Foam Inserts (Cat. #P712) .............................................. $10.00 add to cart

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